Linuxcare Challenges Microsoft to Deliver its Windows Code to the Open-Source Community

Linuxcare Stands Ready to Support "Open" Windows, Urges Microsoft to Live up to Gates' Commitment

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 21, 2000 -- Linuxcare, Inc., a leader in providing comprehensive services for Linux, today pledged its worldwide support for Microsoft Corp.'s Windows as open-source software code--if Microsoft is willing to make good on statements attributed to Chairman Bill Gates by Bloomberg Television on Feb. 17, 2000.

Gates "agreed with the statement that Microsoft would be willing to open the source code for its Windows software to competitors in order to settle the [Justice Department's anti-trust] case" in an off-camera discussion, according to Bloomberg. This unexpected comment upstaged the launch of Microsoft's own Windows 2000 operating system, and fueled media speculation about the potential implications of such a move.

"Linuxcare is ready to support Windows as true open-source software," said Arthur Tyde, executive vice president and co-founder of Linuxcare. "We recognize that it would be a massive undertaking to wade through 35 million lines of code, but we are up to the challenge if Microsoft decides to take its chairman's comments seriously."

As reported by Reuters on Feb. 17, analysts have suggested opening the Windows source code as an alternative to the proposed break-up of Microsoft by the Justice Department. This would allow other independent software vendors and OEMs to create and market their own customized versions of the Windows software--much as Linuxcare today enables its partners to offer their own customized, optimized Linux solutions.

"Our focus is on large business customers, where Windows still dominates the desktop," Tyde continued. "Should Microsoft decide to open source its Windows code, we believe the worldwide community of software developers will help make it a better product."

Open-source software such as Linux has achieved renown for stability, security and rapid innovation because of the large talent pool of software developers who continually enhance its features and quality. Windows source code is currently a trade secret of Microsoft, which has set in place legal limits that prevent others from viewing, contributing to or improving the operating system.

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