TiVO to support hardware upgrade program for Philips Personal TV Receiver to enhance TiVO service capability

Consumers Can Buy 14-Hour Philips Personal TV Receivers Now and Upgrade to 30 hours Anytime

SUNNYVALE, CA - March 1, 2000 - TiVo Inc (NASDAQ: TIVO) the creator of personal television today announced a new upgrade program in conjunction with consumer electronics partner Philips. TiVo regularly updates the service capabilities of its service, so that TiVo customers always have access to the latest functionality and their recorders are never outdated. Now, with the new upgrade program, customers that purchase or already own a 14-hour Philips Personal TV Receiver with TiVo service can upgrade to 30 hours of recording time for $299.

"One of the unique and compelling features of the TiVo Service is our ability to continually provide new service capabilities to our customers as part of their subscription to our service," said Brodie Keast, vice president of marketing and sales for TiVo.

"TiVo and Philips recognize that as our customers use the TiVo Service and begin to watch programming according to their preferences, an increasing number have asked for more recording capacity. This upgrade program is another incentive to help customers feel completely comfortable with their buying decision."

To participate in the upgrade program, customers call Philips toll-free (888-399-3200), send their 14-hour Personal TV Receiver to Philips and receive an upgraded 30-hour unit in exchange. Any current or future owner of a 14-hour Philips Personal TV Receiver can take advantage of this program, and all renewed units will be covered by a new warranty effective from shipping date (90 days free labor/1 year parts exchange).

More information about the upgrade program is available at www.personaltv.philips.com/upgrade/. Philips Personal TV with TiVo Service lets consumers take control of their television viewing by allowing them to watch what they want, when they want it. Users can pause, rewind and slow motion live TV, and record up to 30 hours of digital recording time without a VCR.

The TiVo Service is available on Philips Personal TV Receivers at more than 2,500 retail locations nationwide including national consumer electronics retail chains such as Best Buy, Circuit City, and Sears. The TiVo Service on the Philips Personal TV Receiver is also available at most consumer electronics and audio/visual regional chains as well as select online retailers. The Philips Personal TV Receiver with 14-hours of recording time is $399 suggested retail and the 30-hour receiver is $699 suggested retail.

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