Information for Protest Participants

Please re-check this information sheet on Monday, the 27th, as there may 
be additional details or instructions available by then.

Time and Place: 8:30 AM Tuesday, March 28th 2000, on the park grounds
straight west of the U.S. Capitol between Third Street and Fourth Street.
8:30-9:00 AM will be reserved for introducing the participants to each other
and generally getting prepared for the protest.  The protest itself will be
from 9 AM to noon.

The nearest metro stop is Capitol South, which is on the Orange and Blue
lines.  L'Enfant Plaza on Yellow and Green is within a few blocks.

Dress Code and Behavior: Please wear all black and white if possible.  
Please be as presentable as possible; keep in mind your picture may be
taken and distributed widely.  Please be polite and respectful to anyone 
who talks to you, whether from the press or not, and no matter what they 
say to you.  

The Issues: Please read as much as you can about the details of the DMCA.
We will have designated spokespeople to handle questions from the press 
about DMCA, DeCSS, UCITA, and other issues, but be prepared to offer your 
own opinions if asked.

Goals: Present the dangers of DMCA to the public, and illustrate that
responsible, law-abiding citizens with no intentions of pirating copyrighted
material are very concerned.


We welcome non-Linux-users who are also concerned about DMCA.