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To: (Ruben I Safir) 
Subject: Re: [nylug-talk] DC DMCA Protest 
Date: Mon, 1 May 2000 12:28:24 -0400 (EDT) 
In-Reply-To: <> 
from "Ruben I Safir" at May 01, 2000 08:23:02 AM 

Although I will not be able to make the trip, I want to state the
following on behalf of myself and the organization.

LXNY - New York's Free Computing Organization wishes to make the public
aware of provisions of the `Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998'
the consequences of which will be detrimental to free computing and to
the use of computers generally.

We extend our Thanks and Best Wishes to NYLUG and those individuals,
many of whom are LXNY members (including our Corresponding Secretary),
who will be making the trip to our nation's capital to join other groups
in a peaceful demonstration.

Speaking up can make a difference.  According to the Columbia Spectator,
Columbia University has come out with a new draft copyright policy,
correcting some of the problems and addressing some of our concerns.
We have not yet seen the document.

LXNY will be meeting Tuesday night at the usual time and place (IBM
building, 590 Madison Ave.).  Participants, if still awake and able,
will be welcome to report on the day's events; otherwise to receive
personal congratulations from meeting attendees.  

Michael Smith will be giving an elementary talk on Free Software and
UNIX at the meeting, and another at the Trenton Computer Festival on

-Michael E. Smith,
General Manager, LXNY - New York's Free Software Organization