Linuxcare Optimizes Linux® On IBM® ThinkPad® Laptops, Unveils First Service to Manage Linux Distribution Complexity

Linuxcare's Custom Solution Program Sets the Bar for Overall Linux User Experience on IBM Laptops

New Deltabase® Service Masters Open-Source Changes, Dynamically Keeps IBM Hardware, Software and Services Current

SAN FRANCISCO, June 12, 2000--Linuxcare, Inc., a recognized leader in providing comprehensive professional services and solutions for Linux® and open-source technologies, today announced multifaceted work supporting IBM's strategic Linux initiatives, including optimization of Linux on IBM®'s ThinkPad® laptops. Linuxcare also today introduced the industry's first service to actively manage complex, continuous changes between and within multiple distributions of the Linux operating system. IBM is the first customer for this new service.

The Linux operating system, available for download over the Internet or through numerous distribution vendors, is designed to run in a wide variety of operating environments. Linuxcare's Custom Solution Program certifies Linux for customer-specific applications--from individual PCs through large-scale enterprise implementations--and tunes it for peak performance. Through the program, Linuxcare is installing, certifying and supporting a customized Linux distribution on IBM's market-leading ThinkPad laptops. Optimizations include system booting, sound, video and networking performance enhancements that improve the experience of even the most demanding end-users, without changing any basic programming interfaces.

"IBM's commitment to Linux extends directly to the end-user, where our ThinkPad customers will experience new levels of usability," said Daniel Frye, director Linux Technology Center, IBM. "The Custom Solution Program can help to enhance that experience, translating into greater user flexibility and productivity."

Under the agreement terms, Linuxcare has optimized Caldera's OpenLinux eDesktop 2.4 distribution for IBM's desktop-alternative A Series ThinkPads and light, high-performance T Series ThinkPads. Additionally, Linuxcare will also provide back-end technical support via phone, email and the Web.

"Linuxcare's Custom Solution Program is enjoying rapid acceptance because our customers tell us that one size doesn't fit all," said Pat Lambs, chair of the Office of the CEO at Linuxcare. "We've found that Linux optimization is necessary where performance and integration are requirements. IBM has charged Linuxcare with addressing a specific set of requirements and we believe that the ThinkPad end-user will be very happy with those enhancements."

The Linuxcare Custom Solution Program takes full advantage of the open availability of Linux and open-source code. After assessing a customer's application requirements, experts from Linuxcare Labs construct, install and certify the optimized solution. Linuxcare also supplies all the technical and support service necessary for quick entry into the Linux arena.

Deltabase Service Puts IBM in Control of Constant Change
Unveiled today, Linuxcare's industry-first Deltabase service helps ensure that IBM hardware, software and services are completely current with U.S. and international versions of the popular Caldera, Red Hat, SuSE and TurboLinux distributions.

The Linux operating system is continuously being modified and updated by developers in the open-source community at-large and at distribution vendors. Linuxcare's Deltabase service allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and independent software vendors (ISVs) to manage the complexity of tracking and navigating through sensitive and critical applications, utilities and the Linux kernel itself across various distributions. Through this Web-based offering, IBM is drawing upon Linuxcare's core competencies as a distribution-neutral services provider, allowing IBM to remain focused on strategic business initiatives and its customers.

"Our Deltabase service leverages Linuxcare's deep understanding of the open-source process, and gives our partners mastery over constant evolution," said David L. Sifry, Linuxcare co-founder and chief technology officer. "Linuxcare is pleased to create this revolutionary service offering and be a significant contributor to IBM's overall Linux strategy."

About Linuxcare, Inc.
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