GATOS (General ATI TV and Overlay Software): ATI-TV for GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, etc....

News (2000/06/26): We are working on moving GATOS into XFree8604.0's Xv extension. Vladimir has already done quite a bit of this. This has been added to the CVS repository as "ati_xv". Check it out if you want, but you need the source for XFree86-4.0 to compile it. I'll try to put binaries up shortly (may have distribution problems) for those who don't want this much hassle.

GATOS FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) [ ].
GATOS-0.0.5 release announcement [ ].
How to get up-to-date GATOS source via anonymous CVS [ ].
How to develop GATOS via CVS [ ].
Other questions? Read the docs above and source docs below. If that doesn't hellp, e-mail me - Insomnia (Stea Greene) [ ].

Mailing Lists:

Project Status:

GATOS - In progress.

KATOS (GATOS Phase 4: Kernel port) - Design in progress, not yet functional.

Source documentation:

The place:

The plan:

Phase 1: Develop working modular test application: Done! Source is here [ ]
Phase 2: Debug/refine test application until all desired features are present: Mostly Done.
Phase 3: Debug all parts of application until they all work in all cases: In Progress.
Phase 4: Move working components into a stable, functional linux kernel driver: Design in progress (KATOS [ ])

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