Embedded Linux Consortium seats first Board of Directors

Board Names 45 Charter Members

July 12, San Jose, CA – The Embedded Linux Consortium today announced the results of its first election for the organization's Board of Directors. The 90+ member ELC voted from a field of nearly 30 candidates, resulting in the election of six. Now installed, the Board is responsible for taking the organization to the next level as a proactive strategic initiative favoring the Linux operating system in embedded applications.

Winners include Dr. Inder Singh, Chairman and CEO, LynuxWorks; Michael Tiemann, Chief Technology Officer, Red Hat; James Ready, CEO, MontaVista Software; Tim Bird, Chief Technology Officer, Lineo; Dan Bandera, Business Line Manager, IBM Pervasive Computing; and Greg Wright, an independent Linux community member.

At the first meeting, held here following the Embedded Linux Exhibition and Conference, the Board named 45 Charter members (see the list) and began a planning cycle to determine member benefits. Officers will be elected at the Board's next meeting in about a month. Dr. Inder Singh was appointed acting Chairperson and President until the election.

"This is an historic moment because our first Board will impact the destiny of Linux like no other," said Murry Shohat, acting Executive Director. "Congratulations are due the winners and the membership for selecting such a distinguished group. This Board controls the gearshift, steering wheel and accelerator pedal of the embedded Linux movement. The track record of board members suggest a brisk journey forward for the ELC, and many correct destinations for the effort."

Rick Lehrbaum, who organized the ELC and served as its initial chairman, said "The Embedded Linux Consortium will be a major force in advancing and accelerating the growing use of Linux in embedded systems and intelligent devices, home to some 95% of all the world's microprocessors. The ELC's inaugural Board of Directors has enthusiastically embraced the challenge of quickly establishing the vision, mission and objectives to raise the ELC to its full potential as a leader of the emerging post-PC era of embedded Linux."

Directors Anticipate Lively Marketplace

Non-corporate representative Greg Wright of Sydney, Australia, an IT consultant (AAA Computers), said "Helping the ELC provide effective marketplace representation for independent developers and small vendors is my pledge. I intend to bring about an increase in membership and establish effective ways to help all members gain benefits, such as participation in trade shows that are otherwise closed to individuals."

Dr. Inder Singh, CEO and Chairman of LynuxWorks, said "Linux is in an excellent position to provide the missing 'platform' for the fragmented embedded market, around which an embedded software industry can flourish. This market offers tremendous opportunity for the Embedded Linux Consortium, and with it, responsibility. The opportunity is to create greater awareness of Linux' benefits and create market momentum, and the responsibility is to avoid the pitfalls for a fledgling industry, such as what we witnessed with the recent "UNIX Wars."

Michael Tiemann, Chief Technology Officer, Red Hat, said "I plan to be a strong and effective advocate for the Consortium. My background in open source technology will help the ELC achieve the industry stature it deserves by helping to drive open source software to a position of prominence in the embedded systems market."

James Ready, CEO, MontaVista Software, has served on numerous embedded industry committees and organizations. "I am well aware of the potential pitfalls awaiting the Embedded Linux Consortium if it strays from its vendor-neutral and market-building focus," he said. "As a director, I will help all ELC members by evangelizing the benefits of pure embedded Linux and its Open Source development model."

Tim Bird, Chief Technology Officer, Lineo, said "I am highly motivated to see Linux succeed in embedded, industrial and real-time markets. I have been involved with the ELC from the earliest stages, including initial discussions with Rick Lehrbaum about its creation and purpose. Helping the ELC set and then achieve its strategic mission is by goal."

Dan Bandera, Business Line Manager, IBM, said "Bringing Linux to the embedded environment faces many challenges. The embedded Linux community needs to avoid battles over control points that caused the chaos that plagued the UNIX community. As one of the ELC’s leaders, I will provide the guidance necessary to successfully negotiate around these and other issues – expanding the overall market and providing a solid foundation for all.

Charter Members Ratified

The Board named 45 Charter members of the ELC. These companies were the earliest supporters. They qualify as Founders based on fulfillment of pledges and deadlines made during the consortium's first three months of operation.

As Founders, these firms will enjoy branding rights for use in Public Relations, Marketing Communications and trade show activities. A special logo is being prepared. Other benefits include first choice of booth space when the ELC develops a Superbooth; special recognition at the ELC web site on a Founder's page; special signs and plaques; and first offers on speaking, presentation and article assignments arranged by the ELC.

Acting Chairperson, Dr. Inder Singh, said "Our charter members are the barn raisers of the organization. These companies deserve recognition for their early commitment and hard work. Five years from now, history will celebrate these firms for the vision to realize the embedded potential of Linux and the energy to put their shoulders behind the movement through the formation of the Embedded Linux Consortium."

The Charter membership roster includes the following firms. Those in Italics served as the ELC's Formation Committee and will receive additional recognition:

Accelent Systems, Inc.
Ancor Communications
Cendio Systems AB
Centura Software
Coollogic, Inc.
IBM Pervasive Computing
Infomatec IAS
Microtronix Datacom Ltd.
MontaVista Software, Inc.
Moreton Bay
NewMonics, Inc.
QNX Software Systems
Red Hat
TimeSys Corp.
Transvirtual Technologies
Wind River Systems
Accelerated Technology
Agilent Technologies
Alcatel USA
Amirix Systems, Inc.
Century Software, Inc.
Espial Group, Inc.
Force Computers
FS Forth Systeme, GmbH
Internet Appliance, Inc.
Linuxone, Inc.
Mercury Computer Systems
Metro Link, Inc.
Reasoning, Inc.
Synergy Microsystems
Sysgo Real-time Solutions
Wirespeed Communications
X-Wave Solutions
ZF Linux Devices

About the Embedded Linux Consortium

Responding to the rising tide of interest in Linux for embedded applications, representatives from dozens of technology firms formed the ELC, a vendor-neutral trade association dedicated to advancing the depth, breadth and speed of Linux adoption in the enormous embedded computer market. In its first 75 days of operation, membership hit 75 (now at 91). The ELC offers free membership to developers who demonstrate their participation in the Open Source code base of the Linux operating system. More details about the ELC are available at www.embedded-linux.org.