Hello supercomputers!

Building a supercomputer using simple machines: that is exactly what Conectiva offers with the implementation of Beowulf clusters. (by Conectiva)

Curitiba, August 2000 - Building a supercomputer using simple machines: that is exactly what Conectiva offers with the implementation of Beowulf clusters. This is a solution for applications which require a high parallel processing power, with image rendering, heavy calculations, among others.

Beowulf is a technology used to group several PC's adding up to a parallel virtual supercomputer, or, your tasks are divided into several parts which are distributed for each part of the cluster to execute.

This task is performed by the central Beowulf. Since all parts are executed at the same time and later grouped, the time spent for the larger tasks is quite less, delivering results more effectively and with greater performance.

The main advantage of is in its price, the cluster obtains supercomputer for one third to one tenth the price of a traditional supercomputer, for it is mounted using several common machines, the so-called COTS.

Another reason which makes the price of this solution drop is the softwares used for the construction of the cluster. A lot of it is home-made, configured for specific applications, but may also be executed with easy access software, usually free, like for example, the Linux operating system.

All the above characteristics make the Beowulf cluster a low-cost, high performance option, giving the opportunity for smaller scale companies to have access to the complex task performance in the Information technology field.
More information about Beowulf can be found at: www.beowulf.org

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