Va Linux Systems Unveils Open Source Development Network

SUNNYVALE, Calif. & ACTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--August 15, 2000--VA Linux Systems, Inc. today announced the launch of the Open Source Development Network (OSDN)--a network and community outreach organization that integrates the leading Internet sites for Open Source software development, distribution and discussion.

Starting today, the beta web site for enables users to create a personalized login page displaying content from popular Internet sites sponsored by VA Linux Systems--including SourceForge, and well as key sites such as Slashdot, and QuestionExchange, formerly under the umbrella of Andover.Net. By integrating these sites and building on their strengths, aims to enhance user experience, enable better cross-site functionality, and eventually introduce new services and features such as OSDN-hosted email and instant messaging. currently provides a message board for Open Source community discussions, including a forum where users can request new features and suggest improvements.

Continuing in the tradition of sites such as Slashdot and, the individual web sites that comprise OSDN will insist on maintaining editorial independence and integrity. Community organizations can also contribute content to the OSDN through the Community Content Provider Program. Independent Open Source projects that are planning to make content available on from their web sites and mailing lists currently include Debian, FreeBSD, Gabber, KDE, NetBSD, Samba, PHP and XFree86. In return, Community Content Providers receive exposure for their projects through various OSDN venues.

``As participation grows, the goal of the OSDN is to uphold Open Source values and support both today's advocates and tomorrow's expanded Open Source community with unparalleled resources for information, communication and collaboration,'' said John T. Hall, vice president of strategic planning, VA Linux Systems. ``Together, we are fundamentally changing the way people develop software.''

OSDN will focus on improving the development technology infrastructure on sites such as SourceForge--currently the world's largest ASP for Open Source developers, hosting more than 7,500 projects and over 50,000 registered developers.

As an organization, the OSDN's goal is to build Open Source community programs to support development in key technology areas for Open Source, as well as outreach programs to introduce both individuals and corporations to Open Source development and the benefits of Open Source solutions.

The Open Source Development Cycle: Develop, Distribute, Discuss

Individual developers have participated in collaborative Open Source development since the early years of the Internet. Popular Open Source software, such as the Linux® operating system, is continuously maintained and improved by large communities of developers who share information, code and advice. The freedom to examine, modify, re-use and redistribute source code helps to enhance the quality of Open Source software and accelerate its rate of development.

The current OSDN sites offer information, communication and collaboration tools for Open Source software development, distribution and discussion.




About OSDN

OSDN (Open Source Development Network), a new division of VA Linux Systems, Inc., is the leading Linux and Open Source destination on the Internet. OSDN is a network and community outreach organization committed to accelerating Open Source software development, which also serves as a gateway for individuals and organizations worldwide to understand and join this revolution. Serving over 80 million page impressions to more than 3 million users each month, OSDN includes the leading Open Source sites for news, information and discussion (Slashdot and, the largest sites for collaborative Open Source development and support (SourceForge and QuestionExchange), the most popular sites for software distribution (Freshmeat and, online shopping for technical enthusiasts (ThinkGeek), a new print publication (Open magazine), and community discussion forums and personalized content on the beta site for

About VA Linux Systems

VA Linux Systems is the world's Linux leader. The expert provider of Linux and Open Source solutions for the Web, VA Linux offers a single point of contact for highly customized Linux servers--featuring the industry's first build-to-order software--as well as professional consulting services and support. VA Linux Systems' mission is to make its customers successful through the use of Linux and Open Source--whether they are e-businesses rapidly expanding their Internet infrastructures, or technology companies leveraging the power and methodology of Open Source software development. As part of its commitment to expanding the Open Source community, VA Linux Systems operates the Open Source Development Network (OSDN). A network of the leading Internet sites for Open Source development, distribution and discussion, OSDN includes SourceForge,, Slashdot and Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with offices across North America and Europe, VA Linux is located on the Web at

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