Conectiva incorporate is a Brazilian company which distributes Linux packages in all of Brazil as well as South America and also develops solutions for the Linux platform. In 1999 it was awarded by Info Exame Magazine the award for The Year's Most Innovative Company. Conectiva Linux 4.0 was also elected the Best Operational System. Conectiva is the first distributor of Linux outside the US- Europe- Japan axis.

The company has its headquarters in Curitiba, southern Brazil; being strategically well placed in the MERCOSUL as well as all of the country's major business centers. Conectiva has inaugurated during its first trimester branch offices in:

Soon to follow will be branches in:

From its headquarters thousands of packages are sent to several points around the world. Today Conectiva is responsible in attempting to make Latin America a main Linux center being that Brazil is one of the countries with one of the highest growth rates reaching in 1999 the 212% level of growth ( one of the largest in the world) according to the IDC.

Conectiva has distinguished itself as one of the major companies in information technology in Latin America due to the fact that its administration is done by people who know and work directly with information technology as well as national and international investors.

With hundreds of employees firmly working in the development of Linux, Conectiva has shown in 1999 a growth of more than 500% comparing to the previous year.

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