Bruce Perens, Open Source advocate, joins hp

Hewlett-Packard announces the appointment of Bruce Perens as a strategic advisor for Linux and open source initiatives reporting to Linux Systems Operation (LSO)

Furthering HP's expanded commitment to Linux (HP announced Linux as its third strategic operating system in August 2000:, Perens joins HP's recently formed Linux Systems Operation (LSO) to provide an in-depth perspective into the advancement of Linux and open-source technologies.

Perens is a founding father in the open source community. A long time advocate for Linux and open source software, Perens led the Debian Project, a volunteer effort to create a distribution of Linux based on open-source software. During that time, Perens helped to craft the Debian Social Contract, which later became the Open Source Definition. Perens got his start in Linux in 1994. An employee of Pixar Animation Studios at the time, he became a key figure in the Linux world and eventually left the film industry to focus on Linux.

HP will support Perens as he continues to be an Open Source evangelist and developer. Perens will provide strategic advice and direction in a number of key technology areas for Linux and HP, including digital content creations, clustering, software development and management solutions.

Along with bringing Perens on board, HP formed LSO and named Martin Fink, General Manager, actions assured to continue accelerating the company's focus and activities in creating and delivering Linux solution to customers. Per IDC, the Linux server market is projected to grow to $4.4 billion by 2003. LSO is headquartered in Ft. Collins, Colorado, with a branch in Silicon Valley.

Martin has been with HP for 15 years, most recently managing research and development for porting of Linux to HP's PA-RISC processor and support for open source desktops GNOME and KDE on HP systems. He is also on the Board of Directors and acting VP for the Open Source Development Lab.