Conectiva representative at the Australian Linux Conference

Developer Rik van Riel is one of the already confirmed speakers at the event

Curitiba, January, 2001 - Developer Rik van Riel, from Conectiva, is one of the already confirmed speakers at the Australian Linux Conference, to be held on 17 thru 20 January, at New South Wales University, Sidney, Australia.

The conference will be focusing on topics related with Linux and free software development. Some of the community great names involved on system improvement are going to be present at the meeting. Among the confirmed presences, is Alan Cox, one of the most active developers of the Linux kernel.

Riel's lecture - entitled "Too little, too slow: Linux 2.5 Memory Management"- will take place on January, 18th. He will be talking about the innovations in the kernel 2.4 virtual memory management system, and the improvements planned for the 2.5 release. According to Riel, the new releases - among other improvements - will have their ability improved to distinguish in-use pages from those that can be memory erasable to open space for new data.

For a complete programing and how to you can participate, check the event's official site at .