Conectiva S.A.

Founded in 1995, Conectiva S.A was the pioneer in the distribution of Linux and other Open Source programs - in Portuguese, Spanish and English- for Latin America. Besides the custom made Linux distribution for the Latin market, Conectiva also develops a series of products and additional services related to free-software.

The company portfolio includes books, manuals, softwares for specialized use, embedded systems, OEM programs, Training kits and the Revista Do Linux. The company still provides services in consulting, training and technical support in all of Latin America, through company service centers and certified affiliates.

Headquartered in Curitiba, in the Southern region of Brazil, Conectiva has branch offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Curitiba, Buenos Aires, Bogotá and Mexico City.

Company Mission:

"To create the infra-structure and provide the necessary resources in order for Free Software to be widely adopted in Third World Countries".


Conectiva S.A.
Rua Tocantins, 89
Cristo Rei
Curitiba - Paraná - Brazil
Phone: +55 41 360-2600



Created by the Grupo Globalvest/Latinvest sucessor of the Latinvest Technology Fund, is a venture capital holding focused on investing in technology companies from Latin America. Besides the necessary capital for the company's development, LatinTech offers advice in strategic planning, formation of partnerships, hiring, financing and opening of capital. Operating since September 1999, LatinTech Capital contains in its portfolio, participation in companies like Conectiva, Módulo, MLAB, Vesta Technologies, MHW, UOL, among other companies.

Intel Capital

The Intel Capital, responsible for Intel's strategic investments, performs minor investments and aquisitions to stimulate the Internet economy, in what refers to the infra-structure, content and services aligned to Intel's strategic interests. In Latin America, the Intel Capital invests through the Intel Atlantic Inc., a subsidized branch of the Intel Corporation.


Bank Present in more than 70 countries with nearly 3,500 offices around the world, ABN AMRO Bank has a total assets of EUR 533,3 billion and is ranked as Europe's fifth largest bank.

In Brazil since 1917, ABN AMRO Bank acquired the Banco Real Bank and BANDEPE Bank in 1998, becoming the fifth largest private bank in the country. The merged operations of ABN AMRO Brazil has R$ 31.2 billions in assets and R$ 4.6 billions in equity.

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