Conectiva S.A.

Board of Directors

Henrique, Sandro Nunes
Sandro Nunes Henrique began his career in 1978, at the Banco do Brasil, where he worked as a programer, software analyst and a technology manager. During the 18 years that he remained in the establishment, he developed such projects as home-banking, on-line services and front-end. In 1995, along with 13 other partners, he founded the Conectiva, initially working as the Manager of the Commercial and Marketing departments. His academic experience includes Law, Psychology and Civil Engineering. Currently, Sandro Nunes Henrique is the CEO of Conectiva S.A.

Fraga, Luiz Eduardo
Director of Finances
With a masters degree in International Finances by the American Graduate School of International Management, the engineer Luiz Eduardo Fraga has worked in several functions related to the area, as a Financial Manager, Adjunct International Director and Director of Corporate Finances. Listed in his résumé is some experience in great corporations: Citibank, Sul América Bank and Boa Vista Bank - plus participation on projects, such as privatizing of the Cia. Das Barcas, Eletropaulo and Codert.

Melo, Arnaldo Carvalho de
Technology Director
Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo attended the College of Computer Science during the period of 1988-1991. During 11 years, he worked in the Banco do Brasil, in the departments of information and OSM, participating in projects like home-banking and ATM terminals. One of the founders of Conectiva, Melo is today the company's Director of Technology.

Lopes, Rodrigo Stulzer
Director of Publishing
Graduated in Information Technology, Rodrigo Stulzer Lopes also worked in the Banco do Brasil. In the ten years that he was in that bank, he acted in the areas assistance and software. He's been acquainted with Unix systems since 1990 and took part in the development of home-banking tools, among other projects. Lopes is currently the director of the Publishing Department at Conectiva.

Miyakawa, Rodney Wagner
Director of Operation
Rodney Wagner Miyakawa attended the College of Electrical Engineering in the period of 1978-1981. During 16 years, he worked in the Banco do Brasil, executing the functions of supervisor, programer and software analyst. In this period, he worked in the development and maintenance of banking systems and one of the leaders in the project for creating on-line systems. Participates in the group of associates of Conectiva since its founding, in 1995, and currently occupies the role of Director of Operations in the company.

Victorelli, Fábio Dorival
Regional Superintendent
Mastering in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Information Technology, Fábio Dorival Victorelli worked for 17 years in the Banco do Brasil,in the areas of information tech. and OSM. In this time he developed projects for home-banking, ATM and front-end. One of the founders of Conectiva, Fabio currently occupies the position of Superintendent of Regional Offices.

Cavassin, Wanderlei Antônio
President of the Administrative Council The mathematician Wanderlei Antônio Cavassin worked for ten years in Banco do Brasil, in the departments of, administration, information technology and OSM. In the period in which he remained at the bank, he developed projects for home-banking and ATM's. One of the founders of Conectiva, Cavassin is currently the President of the company's Administrative Council.

Silva, João Luiz Barbosa
Vice-president of the Administrative Council
Master in Industrial Information Technology, João Luiz Barbosa Silva worked for 12 years at the Banco do Brasil, where he worked in the areas of support and development, integrating in the first team of programming in Unix of the company. Silva was one of the founders of Conectiva and, since the beginning of the company's activity, he has been coordinating the area of technical support. Currently, he is Vice-President of the company's Administrative Council.

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