Details for Hewlett Packard Scanjet 3300C Status: not supported
Description Flatbed colout sanner (1200x600) - USB only
Driver scanner
Linux-USB link  
Vendor link
Comment Non SCL-compliant. Picked up correctly by kernel, but no driver :(
Submitted by pio <at>

(frank at linux-os dot nl)
2001-07-09 12:18:44 Oke found an emailadres: If you all mail to this adres, meaby we get some specs or a driver.
(stephenforster <at>
2001-06-29 04:23:24 Im in the same boat as you people. 3300c scanner just sitting besides my computer collecting dust,should of bought an epson...would of saved some money. I even emailed the company (no luck) hopefully they will eventually listen if there is enough interest. Hp should take a cue from Nvidia especially since they supposedly support open source
(fuzzy <at> without.scanner)
2001-06-06 21:00:25 I just did what I thought was there correct thing : returned my HP 3400C to HP after one month usage in Windows98. They had to accept it back and give me the money back as, according to our consumer laws, it should be clearly stamped on the outbox : Windows98 compatible only. It was easy. No more HP ever. Epson is much better.
David Hofstee
(D.HofstXX at eye tee es
2001-06-06 14:37:02 Thank god I found this page. It saved me some troubles I guess.
HP Assole
(assole <at>
2001-05-31 09:09:49 Assoles and Bastards at HP, take notice. You'll better provide the linux drivers for ALL your fucking products be it scanners, printers et al or else soon you are going to smell Bill Gates' fart and eat it shit.
(cas <at>
2001-04-24 08:28:38 HP seems to be fucking the customer. I have a 3400C scanner and an 8200e USB CD Writer. Both do not have any drivers for linux. HP seems to be still smeeling Gates' asshole rather than coming out of it. Beware Hp, Linux is going strong and unless you recognize that and properly support your hardware under Linux, you are going to Piss in your pants one day.
(hzo <at>
2001-04-06 20:53:03 Just returned my scanner today (that happens when you don't check before you shop). HP seems to have forgotten what once made them strong: standards and open interfaces. No drivers - no sale
(webmaster <at>
2001-03-13 01:09:36 I think this stinks, what is the point of producing a USB scanner and not bothering to produce drivers which are required by a large number of end users? I think H.P need to wake and smell the coffee. No Linux drivers will very soon mean no sale for your Hardware. Linux is coming of age.........Yet H.P seems to be still in nappies. Oh well I guess when It comes to our clients upgrading there scanner hardware we wont be recommending H.P products anymore!!! Hopefully the guys at H.P will take notice............................................
Alexis Bilodeau
(alexis.bilodeau <at>
2001-01-13 07:07:46 Just bought this scanner because I like HP products (they're great) but I'm really disapointed by this lack of support... I sent an email to them telling them, BTW. I'd like to be contacted if someone knows about a driver!
Gary Eden
(geden <at>
2001-01-10 15:15:05 Need This Driver NOW!!!!.....HP=HORSE PECKER
(teescajunband <at>
2000-12-08 07:16:17 If one time a driver is hacked, could anybody send me an e-mail?? Thank you
Pissed Off
(fattie50 <at>
2000-12-06 05:40:29 This sucks! I just got my f****** 3300c scanner about 7 months ago. I can't afford to get another one! HP SUCKS!!!!!!!!
(hp <at>
2000-12-06 00:01:49 Damn shit!. HP sucks! I can't find drivers for my HP3300C!!!! Shame on you HP! What a mess this company is! I'm never gonna buy again any product from them!
eduardo alonso
(ea3ghs <at>
2000-11-11 22:26:48 Hola, yo tambien tengo un dichoso HP3300C. Si alguien tiene el driver o información técnica, por favor, ruego que me envie un email saludos, eduardo
David Pilar
(dhfpilar <at>
2000-11-03 00:23:07 we should all email and ask for drivers. I would think that a large number of requests would get some sort of response.
Eric Jacobsen
(eric <at>
2000-10-20 09:31:14 HP is totally ghetto w/r/t drivers. A friend of mine had this scanner, got an iMac, but there are no Mac drivers for this scanner either!!! (I mean MACs, for chrissake, it's the "graphics" computer [yeah right]) So I trade him for my Microtek, log on to the HP site for drivers... AND I HAVE TO PAY $10 FOR A CD!!!! Thank god I didn't actually spend money on this piece of shit.
(maldini23italia <at>
2000-10-05 15:47:02 I ca't believe! Damn! I have the HP 3300C And i can not use this with my linux 'cause someone in HP do not know how to write de f***** driver 4 that! Some one can help me??? I do i have to return to Windozzzz???? Keep the Flame ----->
(b.mike <at>
2000-09-25 19:14:36 i want to know if it possible to create a driver? or i put my scanner in the garbage
Gioele Barabucci
(gioele <at>
2000-09-23 21:23:13 So there are no hopes for my usb 3300C :(( Is there anyone searching for a way to use it or we have a new generation started: the WinScanners? I've bought a HP cos everybody told me that HP scanners had a good support for their SCL component :(( I'm so sad...
Marcel Peter
(marcel.peter <at>
2000-09-06 22:31:05 No hope so far to get the HP SJ 3300C up and running? Do I realy have to buy a Mustek scanner?
(gimlix <at>
2000-09-04 10:55:27 You want to that a linux driver is missing? You can do it at ""! ;-)
(bombia <at>
2000-08-30 10:05:18 What about HP's Scanjet 3400C - this has both parallel port and USB port?
Phil Soko
(soko <at>
2000-08-24 03:29:10 Not only does the 3300C not work on 95, but if you download HP's Win2k drivers (which were just released) they do not work unless you install 98 first, install the HP win98 drivers, then upgrade the OS to win2k, and then apply the win2k drivers. Applying the drivers from a native win2k install does not work. Only upgrades are supported. HP=Cockmasters
Dave Pilar
(dhfpilar <at>
2000-08-22 20:27:01 Who can we email at HP to complain/petition? These might just as well be referred to as "WinScanners".
(muttley75 <at>
2000-08-21 23:52:57 HP guys are assholes. They sell Linux PCs (Kayak Workstations) but they don't write the drivers. What's worse, 3300c works with Win98 but not with Win95. LAME BILL GATES' COCKSU***RS!
(brockman at
2000-08-03 19:49:51 I'd be interested in hacking some drivers to get this thing working. It's a cute little scanner, really targeted at the low-mid range casual user (get some photos in, etc). gimmie a holler.
Mike Gabriel
(mikeg <at>
2000-07-17 22:53:31 Do you know, where I can get documentation on how to address the scanner and stuff from so that I can try to write a driver by myself. Or has anyone already done so or is working on it very hard.
Shred Master
(shred69xx <at>
2000-07-05 09:49:58 DAMN!