From Thu, 2 Aug 2001 15:38:21 -0600
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 15:38:21 -0600
From: Erik Andersen
Subject: [BusyBox] BusyBox 0.60.0 released

I just released BusyBox 0.60.0.  Note that that this release is not 0.53 as
originally planned since I decided to bump the version number up a bit. This
reflects the fact that this release is intended to form a new stable BusyBox
release series. If you need to rely on a stable version of BusyBox, you should
plan on using the stable 0.60.x series. If bugs show up then I will release
0.60.1, then 0.60.2, etc... 

This is also intended to deal with the fact that the BusyBox build system will
be getting a major overhaul for the next release and I don't want that to break
products that people are shipping. To avoid that, the new build system will be
released as part of a new BusyBox development series that will have some
not-yet-decided-on odd version number. Once things stabilize and the new build
system is working for everyone, then I will release that as a new stable
release series.

Have fun,


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