IBM at LinuxWorld Expo

August 28 - 30, San Francisco, California

LinuxWorld Conference & Expo is the #1 event focused on Linux and Open Source solutions. It's the world's largest marketplace for Linux products and services. Over 20,000 attendees came to the San Francisco conference in August. And IBM was there.

Preliminary Results

IBM had a great presence at the event and, Wednesday August 29th, was awarded Best in Show for eserver iSeries!! In addition, we had higher than expected Customer Participation at the IBM Linux Customer Day and attendance at the IBM Booth, Application Showcase and Developer Habitat with live Chats and application porting. Eleven key ISV's and 3 customers joined us in the application showcase to help make the point that Linux is ready for 'real business'.

We also conducted Live TV, Radio and a unique online 'Virtual Event' from the booth. And the press was overwhelmingly positive, commenting on IBM's outstanding technology in reaction to our announcement on Tuesday August 28, that critical elements supporting the New York Stock Exchange's computer operations were being transferred from Sun servers to IBM mainframes running the Linux operating system.


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