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Gerd Knorr [ http://www.strusel007.de/kraxel/ ] <kraxel@bytesex.org>

xawtv started as TV application for the bttv driver [ http://bytesex.org/bttv/ ], because the Motif-based "xtvscreen" was the only TV application at this time.

A lot has changed since. The bttv driver switched over to the new video4linux [ http://roadrunner.swansea.uk.linux.org/v4l.shtml ] interface. xawtv isn't a single application any more, it is a small suite of video4linux related software.

It often happens that you don't get it right the first time. This is true for video4linux too. Bill Dirks works on the second version [ http://www.thedirks.org/v4l2/ ] of the video4linux interface. And it looks like even the second try isn't perfect...

xawtv can handle both v4l1 and v4l2 interfaces. It does also support the Xvideo extention (XFree86 4.0 [ http://bytesex.org/xawtv/xfree4.html ]) and the FreeBSD/OpenBSD bktr driver.

Download xawtv

Latest version is 3.62 [ http://bytesex.org/xawtv/xawtv_3.62.tar.gz ], released 14 Sep 2001. Debian [ http://www.debian.org/ ] users can fetch it with apt [ http://bytesex.org/debian.html ]. SuSE [ http://www.suse.de/~kraxel/ ] rpms are available here [ http://www.suse.de/~kraxel/ ], usually with a few days delay.

If you have used 2.x before, you should read the update hints in UPDATE_TO_v3.0. You'll find this file next to theREADME in the source tarball or in /usr/doc (for rpm installs). The new xawtv version will not work out-of-the-box, you'll have to update your config filefirst.

Available here:

What exactly is in the xawtv package...

For TV/video

xawtv, fbtv and v4lctl share the same config file.

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