Argus' PitBull Locks Down SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 7

Award-winning PitBull LX Brings Quick Implementation, Ease-of-Use and Proactive, Application-level Security to Enterprise Linux Users

SAVOY, Illinois - 22 October 2001 - Argus Systems Group, Inc., an international leader in application security for the extended enterprise, and SuSE Linux AG, the international technology leader and solutions provider in open source, today announced that PitBull® LX is available to protect SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 7, its highest enterprise-capable Linux distribution.

Code Red and Nimda have been the key computer security topics of this year, bringing application-level security vulnerabilities to the forefront. Bugs, viruses and other exploits may lead to a complete, system-wide takeover of the server. These threats are addressed with the availability of Argus' PitBull LX for SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 7. With PitBull's secure application environment, software bugs and security flaws that could once grant an attacker system-wide access when successfully exploited are now harmlessly contained within a single security compartment.

"Argus' PitBull LX is a high-quality supplement to SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 7, adding a highly flexible security environment to the renowned reliability and stability of SuSE products," said Roman Drahtmueller, head of security, SuSE Linux AG. "Our partnership with Argus Systems brings a new dimension to the high security standards of SuSE solutions."

"As Linux becomes more and more popular in the enterprise arena, commercial products require special services such as stability, maintenance and support. Those items are available now with SuSE's Linux Enterprise Server 7 distribution," said Randy Sandone, president and CEO of Argus Systems Group. "PitBull offers SuSE's professional users the addition of fundamental, indispensable security packaged within the Linux Enterprise Server 7, which enables the implementation of e-mail, Internet and application services, as well as file and print services in heterogeneous networks."

Product Benefits

PitBull offers benefits not available in other security technologies, including:

About SuSE Linux AG

SuSE Linux AG in N�rnberg is one of the worldwide leading suppliers of complete solutions on the base of the open source operating system Linux. Apart from operating system and software for private customers SuSE Linux AG offers software solutions and complete systems for the Linux-use in companies. The business customers are supported with a full range of qualified consulting-, training- and support-services. The company employs the worldwide biggest development team for open source solutions and has presented its unique project- and support-know-how in the biggest Linux-knowledge database in the internet. Currently, SuSE Linux AG has 500 employees and branch offices in six countries.

About Argus Systems Group, Inc.

Argus Systems Group, Inc. protects vital applications by locking down the invaluable intellectual property stored on Web servers, e-mail servers and corporate databases. Argus' PitBull software is the only independently-certified, trusted e-business platform available for applications running on the world's most popular operating systems, including Sun Solaris (SPARC and Intel), IBM AIX and Linux. PitBull was the focus of eWeek magazine's recent Open Hack III contest where it withstood more than 5.4 million hack attempts without a single penetration. PitBull LX was selected Best Security Solution by the German ASP Konsortium, Editor's Choice by CNET and was awarded the eWeek eXcellence Award as Best Intrusion Defense and Response product of 2001.

Headquartered in Savoy, Ill., Argus is privately held with offices around the United States and worldwide. For more information, visit the Company's Web site at

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