From Sun, 18 Nov 2001 08:48:53 -0700
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001 08:48:53 -0700
From: Erik Andersen
Subject: [BusyBox] Buying

I've contacted the current owner of and he is willing
to sell the domain name -- for $250.  He also owns
but will not part with it...  I will then need to pay the
registry fee, so this will initially cost about $300.  I would
also like to host on my home machine (
so I have full control over the system, but I would need to
increase the level of bandwidth I am paying for (there have been
over 1 Gigabyte of busybox source downloads for the month of
November alone -- other months have had more).

I was going to pay it all myself, but my wife didn't like that
idea at all (big surprise).   It turns out, she has better ideas
about what we should spend our money on that don't involve
busybox.  She suggested I should ask for contributions on the
mailing list and web page.  So...

I am hoping that if everyone could contribute a bit we could pick
up the domain name, and cover the bandwidth costs.  I
know that busybox is being used by a lot of companies as well as
individuals -- hopefully companies willing to contribute back a
bit.  So if everyone could please help out, that would be

p.s. I plan on updating the Changelog later this evening, and
releasing busybox 0.60.2 later tonight.  I will probably just
merge in vodz' msh since it fixes known problems, and since I
havn't had time to make it uClinux safe.  Changelog entries for
busybox.stable are welcome.


Erik B. Andersen   
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