Marcelo the Wonder Penguin

"That's right. Being a kernel maintainer suddenly turns your sex appeal up by about 1000% for some magic reason."
- Linus

The young man in the photos above is Marcelo Tosatti, the new maintainer of the Linux 2.4 kernel. Linus Torvalds and Alan Cox seem to have chosen Marcelo because of his experience in kernel programming, his ability to communicate with all developers and his larger-than-life dose of common sense.

The fact that there is a new maintainer does not mean you should waste his time by trying to push new and experimental things into 2.4, since those things belong in 2.5. Traditionally a hand-over of a stable kernel series to a new maintainer has always been accompanied by a "patch bombing" of features which clearly belong in the development kernel instead, experience in dealing with Marcelo suggests that the traditional run of patch-bombing will be a waste of anyone's time anyway, so don't even think of it ;)

If you are the 700th journalist to wonder why Alan and Linus handed over the 2.4 kernel to an 18-year old man from Brazil, please keep in mind that Marcelo will be busy working on the 2.4 kernel, so please contact [] the people from Conectiva's marketing department instead of preventing Marcelo from doing his work. The marketing people also have some nice photos, much better than what you can find on Marcelo's home page []...

Personal information:

Name: Marcelo Wormsbecker Tosatti
Age: 18
Sex: male
Marital Status: single
Profession: kernel developer
Company: Conectiva Inc.
Email: buried alive in email, please don't send any more

Note: this site is a surprise to Marcelo, we're still waiting for him to find out...

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