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From  Mon Feb 24 16:06:14 2003
From: (Arthur Moore)
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 09:06:14 -0700
Subject: [uug] Elections, BYUSA, and a job opportunity
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Ok first things first.


The time has come for the current leadership to step down and let some young
excited blood in to do some cool stuff. The officers that are need are as follows:

President (should be motivate, a leader, willing to deal with a little buearcacy)
Vice-President (supporting role similiar to President)

Secretary (general go-to guy)
WebMaster (king of the webmonkeys)
SysAdmin (maintainer of PhantomII)

This is your chance to nominate yourself or someone else to run. All formal
nominations should be sent to me ( with the subject
"Nomination". Elections will be held online, and we will see how it goes. We
will also give all candidates webspace to post their campaign promises (I
promise that all uug members will be given much software for free! Haha)
Remember the club is only as good as *you* make it. We've really pushed things
this last year, and have been very successful. However if someone doesn't pick
up the torch. Then that's it. No more club. (or the club will become inactive as
it has been for a long time.) It's up to you.

BYUSA has been a very interesting experience. They have pissed me off one last
time by restricting our scheduling priviledges right before the last
install-fest. So the first order of the new presidency (during our lame duck
period) will be to initiate the paperwork to get the club in a new departement.
(either CS or EE or something.) It has really gotten rediculous and their
propaganda doesn't serve our club in any way, so it's time to make the switch.

Last but not least: I have a job opportunity open up for me, and so my current
job on campus is now open. I work as a sys admin administring some Unix Servers,
programming php and mysql. There are a lot of other responsibilities, bu these
are the two big ones. If you are interested (it's part-time 20 hours a week)
please contact me immediately! by email or by phone (378-5384). I can get you an
immediate interview, and if I know you, a resounding recommendation.

All right I think that's it for right now. Oh Yeah. Many of you may know that
for years we have had wheel -- the systems administrators for phantom. Because
of recent restrictions placed on us by the administration, we have had to do
away with wheel. thus the new need for a systems administrator. (Just to let you

Art Moore

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From  Thu Mar 13 22:05:51 2003
From: (Arthur Moore)
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 15:05:51 -0700
Subject: [uug] We need Help!
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Just to let everyone know who is in oblivion out there somewhere. We have an
Install-Fest on Saturday (read the website for info) Now last time we were
completely swamped and we're expecting about the same amount of people to come.
We really need UUG members to come and help out. Please don't leave us hanging.
If you have ever installed Linux, you can help. We'd really like a lot of people
who are able to get through the most of the install, and then for problems we
can call on the gurus. This is a great opportunity to expand the club to even
larger than it already is. When you come to help just so we don't mistaken you
for a participant, please tell us "I'm here to help". I certainly don't
recognize everyone.

another thing:

Here is the list of Nominees for the UUG officers. I need to know if you are on
this list if you accept the nominations. (You don't have to accept all the
nominations etc.) Remember, we need you to help the uug next year. If you're not
on the list, but you would like to server please contact me! If you have any
other nominations please contact me.

Unless I hear otherwise I will consider all those on this list as prospective

See you guys on Saturday! 

Byron Clark
Evan McNabb
Micheal Halgrow
Soren Haward
Micheal Brailsford
Richard Esplin

Stuart Jansen
Soren Haward
Andrew Jorgensen
Steve Robertson
Nathan Rackliffee

Micheal Golden
Kirk Didenhover

Hans Fugal
Soren Haward
Jon D.

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From  Fri Mar 14 04:59:03 2003
From: (Michael Halcrow)
Date: 13 Mar 2003 21:59:03 -0700
Subject: [uug] We need Help!
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Message-ID: <1047617943.22691.18.camel@halcrow>

On Thu, 2003-03-13 at 15:05, Arthur Moore wrote:
> President/Vice-President:
> Micheal Halcrow

Alas, I yet again must forfeit the nomination. I am leaving at the end
of April to go to Austin, Texas for about 8 months, and so I would not
be around for about half of the time I would be in office.

I was offered a position on the Linux OS Maroon Team at the IBM Linux
Technology Center, and I accepted the offer. I will be implementing
security features in the 2.5 Linux kernel, which may include IPSec for
IPv6, among other things. I will also be working on getting Linux
certified under Common Criteria EAL.

But, never fear, I will return in January of next year to finish my
graduate work.


P.S. Anyone here ever play Mortal Pongbat?

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From  Sun Mar 23 22:54:38 2003
From: (Arthur Moore)
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2003 15:54:38 -0700
Subject: [uug] Elections!
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Thanks to Dave, the election polls are now officially up. This is your chance to
vote for who will be next year's leaders in the UUG! We would like to have as
much participation in this election as possible. The election will run for three
days ending at 12:00pm Wed. If any of the candidates would like to post
"campaign promises" you still have time, and I would ask that you post to both and, since not everyone is subscribed
to both lists. Also we are not making any distinction between BYU Students and
not, so if you are on the mailing list, and have aprofile online, you can vote!

Art Moore

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