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From  Wed Apr  2 04:26:25 2003
From: (Arthur Moore)
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2003 21:26:25 -0700
Subject: [uug] official announcement
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#####Official Announcement#####

Everyone has finally accepted their positions as club officers for next 
year. So here it is:

President: Evan
Vice-President: Soren
Secretaries: Andrew and Nathan
WebMaster: Micheal Golden
SysAdmin: Hans Fugal

I'd really like to thank all those who participated in the Nomination 
and Election processes. We had a lot of participation, and so I think it 
was very successful!

On another note, I think I can speak for the rest of this year's 
officers when I say that it's been a lot of fun for us. I have enjoyed 
serving as the Unix Users Group President. I hope that I've done a good 
job. So as I graduate here, I say adieu, goodbye. You know Free Software 
I think is an amazing thing. It has allowed me to learn about computers 
in a way I would never had been able to do with other software. It has 
provided me a way to expand my mind in music, and my compositions. Free 
software allows people to teach themselves, help others, learn a trade, 
feed their family, even when they don't have the means to educate 
themselves, or buy training. It also gives people the ability to use 
their computer the way they want, not dictated by availability of funds 
or anything else.

I'm thankful for Free Software. I'm also thankful for the Unix Users 
Group and what it has given me. I'm just glad I was able to give a 
little bit back in this last year.

Thanks again.

There will be an officer's meeting here in just a while. Evan should be 
planning that.

Art Moore

From  Wed Apr  2 05:48:04 2003
From: (Evan McNabb)
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 22:48:04 -0700
Subject: [uug] official announcement
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I'd like to thank everyone who has worked hard over the last year too, espe=
Art and Dave. We've had some great meetings, installfests, and flamewars. I=
things continue to go well...

A few misc things:

- Tomorrow (Wed) at noon is the deadline for submitting your vote about the=
 club name
- If you are a new officer, please e-mail me off the list to tell me what e=
-mail address
you would like to have put on the officers mailing list
- We will be having an officers meeting in the next several days; if you ha=
ve any ideas
about club activies, meetings, or other business you think we should bring =
up there,=20
e-mail me off the list to tell me

Thanks again for being such a cool group of geeks (remember, be proud to be=
 a geek)...


P.S. As of right now we don't have any meetings scheduled for April, but we=
'll try to=20
get one more in before the semester ends

       Evan McNabb: <> <>
             System Administrator, CS Department, BYU
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