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Analyst Bios : Bill Claybrook

Research Director,
Linux and Open Source, Unix, and Grid Computing

(617) 854-5256

Area of Focus

Bill Claybrook focuses on enterprise Linux, open source software, Unix, and grid computing. Most of his research is anchored in the user space and presented for CIOs and IT managers, as well as end-users. This research helps supplier marketing organizations develop marketing strategies and position products. His practice emphasizes enterprise Linux, Linux cluster technology for both commercial and high-performance computing, the use of grid computing in commercial and scientific markets, and Linux-based software management solutions. He serves as a consultant to Linux and grid computing suppliers.

Current Research

Claybrook's current research focuses on two of the fastest growing segments in the computer industry -- Linux and grid computing. The focus is on four primary areas: (1) the enterprise readiness of grid computing, with an emphasis on ROI; (2) the use of Linux in high-performance computing; (3) the readiness of Linux for the enterprise; and (4) the enterprise Linux strategies of the major systems vendors -- Dell, HP, IBM, and Sun.

Recent Activity

Claybrook recently began taking a detailed look at the enterprise Linux strategies of the major systems vendors. To date, this research produced an unsponsored report entitled An Assessment of IBM's Enterprise Linux Strategy [ http://aberdeen.com/ab_company/hottopics/ibmlinux/default.htm ]. Similar reports for Dell, HP, and Sun will be available in the near future. He has just begun a project that examines the ROI for end-users who are using grid middleware from various vendors such as Avaki, DataSynapse, Platform Computing, Sun, and United Devices. In addition, he is working with SGI to determine the technology requirements of universities as they try to develop large scale computing facilities for collaborative research.


Claybrook has more than 35 years experience in the computer industry, including positions as software director for various firms developing and marketing Unix-based OLTP (online transaction processing), RDBMS (relational database management systems), voice mail, and multimedia products. He was Chief Architect and Director of Technology at UNIX International in the early 1990's. Before entering commercial software development, he was Associate Professor of Computer Science at Virginia Tech and the University of Connecticut, and Professor of Software Engineering at the Wang Institute of Software Engineering.


Claybrook has a B.S. in Mathematics from Northeast Missouri State, an M.S. in Mathematics from Kansas State University, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Southern Methodist University.

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