Novell Talks Open Source at AlwaysOn Innovation Summit

PALO ALTO, Ca (AO 2003: The Innovation Summit), 16 July 2003 — Chris Stone, vice chairman in Novell's Office of the CEO, will participate in a panel discussion on the potential of open source software at this week's AlwaysOn Innovation Summit in Silicon Valley. Titled "How Far Can Linux and the Open Source Movement Go?," the panel, which begins July 17 at 1:45 p.m. PDT and will be webcast at, also includes executives from key open source players HP, Oracle and MySQL, and will be chaired by Bruce Perens, a leading proponent of the open source movement.

Novell has recently announced a series of steps to leverage and support open source, including its Novell Nterprise Linux Services offering and its commitment to run future versions of its NetWare network services on both the NetWare and Linux kernels. Novell is also actively participating in open source initiatives around OpenLDAP and Apache, and in April it announced it was putting its Novell Nsure UDDI Server into the open source arena. Novell Forge, a site to promote open source developer interaction with Novell, has grown rapidly since its inception in April, with some 200 projects already in progress. For more information on Novell's Linux initiatives, visit

AO 2003: The Innovation Summit, taking place July 15-17 at Stanford University, is the inaugural conference of the AlwaysOn Network, founded earlier this year by technology media visionary Tony Perkins to promote a more open, participatory exchange of ideas on technology than traditional media vehicles. The Innovation Summit brings together executives from leading technology vendors, technology policy experts, venture capitalists and technology journalists for a wide-ranging discussion on what's next for technology. Details of the event are available at