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From mike at  Thu Aug 28 15:52:11 2003
From: mike at (Michael Halcrow)
Date: Thu Aug 28 13:52:59 2003
Subject: [uug] Goodbye
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``Et tu, Brute'?''

Yes, me.  I will not be returning to BYU to finish my Master's degree.
My manager surprised me half way through my internship with a generous
offer to convert immediately to full-time regular employee status at
the IBM Linux Technology Center, and I accepted.  I will be
transfering to the University of Texas to continue my graduate work.

This concludes my time at ``The Lord's University.''  I am grateful
for the opportunity I had to attend BYU, and I appreciate my
experiences from there.  There are many factors that I took into
consideration while making my decision; some of them (although not
necessarily the most compelling ones) are:

 - The state of the job market in the future is uncertain, and the job
experience from IBM is probably the best thing I could have on my
resume at the moment.

 - Earning my Master's degree before starting work would have a
minimal impact on my salary and job function at IBM.  Actual
performance largely influences where you will go in the company.  IBM
recognizes and rewards demonstrated talent, regardless of level of
education.  Let's hope I manage to demonstrate some talent.  :-)

 - IBM will support me while I continue my education.

 - I really, really, really enjoy the work I am doing at the Linux
Technology Center.  After all, I get paid to write Free Software!  :-)

 - Going to another school to earn my Master's diversifies my academic

 - While the professors and the students (for the most part) at BYU
are exemplary, I would like to take my research to a university whose
administration treats its students with more dignity and respect.

Thank you everyone for your support and your friendship.  I will
probably lurk around on this list for a while longer.  The
conversations here are more interesting than the ones on the Austin
Linux User's Group list.  ;-)


P.S. - I'm seeing what I can do to get an important IBMer from the LTC
to visit BYU.  No promises though at this point...

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