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From  Wed Jan  7 23:11:46 2004
From: (Jason Hall)
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 16:11:46 -0700
Subject: Novell Survey
Message-ID: <>

Novell has asked us to pass this survey along to you guys.  Basically they=
trying to figure us out a little better, what products, tools, certs, etc=20
interest us.  If anyone is willing, please hop on over to:

and fill it out.  Of course there is the option to receive information abou=
some of their products, split into some useful categories.  If you want, yo=
can add your info, and they will be sending a DVD to you, with a bunch of=20
softare/documentation and such.

Novell is really wanting to use us as a testbed for their linux expansion, =
let's try and steer them into the best course we can, this survey can help.


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