2004 Conference

January 16, 2004 2004 Conference

Paul Jankowski, Bdale Garbee, Jeremy Allison. 2004 Conference

Tess Collins of Apple Computer with Michael Davie and Linus Torvalds reading out the winner of the laptop that Apple donated. 2004 Conference

Bdale Garbee, anonymous penguin, Jeremy Allison, Greg Lehey. The penguins had nothing to do with Linux; somebody found them for sale in a local shop, and we don't know what the life ring is about. 2004 Conference

Linus and Hugh Blemings prepare to humiliate Rusty. 2004 Conference

Rusty takes appropriate action. 2004 Conference

Rusty invokes the Lord of the Rings. 2004 Conference

Rusty takes pity on the anonymous penguin. 2004 Conference

The conference T-shirt, which was auctioned for a ridiculous amount of money. 2004 Conference

Maddog gets into the act. I can't remember the issue.

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