October 17, 2004

The con went well. Linucon 2.0 coming.

Everybody seems to have had a really wonderful time at Linucon, to the point that a week later some of us are still recovering. We'll be posting some con reports sooner or later.

Sorry for the delay in updating the website, but my laptop was more or less destroyed at the convention (yes, the one duct taped to a table at registration, which I'm assured there are pictures of for the upcoming con reports. Between sleeping a lot and friends from out of town staying to visit after the con, I just now got a new system together.

All the concom have been catching up with real life for a bit, but we'll be getting together in the next few days to clear the decks and plan 2.0. We're pretty sure it'll be the Texas OU football game weekend again, when all of Austin's hotels empty out because all the jocks have gone to Dallas. That's October 8 2005, putting Linucon 2.0 on October 7-9, 2005. (Where in Austin it'll be held is still an open question, one I hope to settle by the end of the month.)

I'll post more information when I have it, and possibly write up a con report myself (although since neither Wil Wheaton or Howard Tayler have produced their promised con reports yet, and they had working computers all week, I don't feel particularly guilty about this). But first, I would appear to have received 20 megabytes of email since the 6th, and have some catching up to do...

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