OSDL to Host ELC Platform Specification

BEAVERTON, Ore., - September 9, 2005 - The Open Source Development Labs (OSDL), a global consortium dedicated to accelerating the adoption of Linux®, and the Embedded Linux Consortium (ELC), an industry consortium promoting the adoption of embedded Linux, today announced a strategic agreement around embedded Linux. Under the agreement, the Embedded Linux Consortium will transfer the ELC Platform Specification (ELCPS) and related intellectual property to OSDL.

''Our first mission - gaining traction for Linux as an embedded operating system - has been achieved,'' said Dr. Inder Singh, ELC Chairman and CEO of LynuxWorks, an OSDL member company. ''The market's need for a Linux focal point is already being served by OSDL. By combining efforts with OSDL, our transfer accelerates market penetration. Embedded Linux is now more attractive than ever. It's a win for everyone.''

''OSDL is pleased to receive the ELCPS and its related IP,'' said Stuart Cohen, CEO of OSDL. ''The ELCPS represents five years of global development by leading vendors to define a platform for embedded developers. As a part of OSDL's mission, we look forward to finding ways to work more closely with the embedded Linux community. Making the ELCPS available on our website is a solid first step.'' The ELC's standards mission, chartered in early 2002, has focused on developers to build out a robust, multilevel specification. Under the agreement with OSDL, developers will be able to download the ELCPS from the OSDL Web site free of charge.

About the Embedded Linux Consortium

Responding to the rising tide of interest in Linux for embedded applications, representatives from dozens of technology firms formed the ELC in early 2000 as a vendor-neutral trade association dedicated to advancing the depth, breadth and speed of Linux adoption in the enormous embedded computer market. At peak, the ELC enjoyed more than 160 members including more than 110 large, medium and small corporations. The ELC offered free membership to individual developers who demonstrated their participation in the open source code base of the Linux operating system.

About the Open Source Development Lab

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