Another One Bites The Dust…

Chase Hoffman

October 2, 2005

Okay, another Linucon has come and gone, and we’re still here to tell the tale.

First off, thank you all. You, the attendees, are the reason we do this. Thursday night about 3 AM when we were finishing the pre-reg badges and looking forward to 4 hours of sleep before heading to the hotel to set up, I would have been entirely happy to scrap the whole thing and go home (except that my name was on the hotel contract…).

Right now I’m ready to do another one (well, maybe after a few hours sleep). That’s entirely due to ya’ll. You are seriously the most wonderful attendees any con could have, and we wouldn’t do this if it weren’t for you. Seriously, if you weren’t as cool as ya’ll are, there wouldn’t have been a Linucon 2.

I also need to express thanks to our guests: Eric Raymond, panel ironman, who did more work than any man should ever have to (let alone one we didn’t pay expenses for); James Quarterman, who stepped up for his panels despite a contact glitch and performed like a champ; Colleen Clinkenbeard, who brought a wonderful attitude and slate of panels to Linu; Steve Jackson, who brought himself and his company during a move AND still managed to have time to give us the Chaos Machine again; Rie Sheridan and Lawrence Person, who at the last minute got together with the con and did wonderful things; Doug Smith, who graced us with his presence and wonderful talents; James Ernest, who was a constant presence, attended more panels than anyone else at the con, and STILL managed to win the Wil Wheaton Memorial Poker Tournament; and last, but certainly not least, Howard Tayler, who gave us his art, his expertise, and perhaps most importantly (at least to the con chair) his moral support.

For non-guests, we also have some well-deserved thanks we need to give: Greg Simoes, Brandy Hamblett, Josh Hearn and the rest of the Ushicon crew for being there for us, giving us support and advice, and taking a lot of the load off our backs despite having their own con to plan just 3 months from now (and you should totally attend. Pre-reg only, register now! [ ] ); the wonderful volunteers at Linucon who worked more hours and more time than they needed in order to make this event awesome; James Choate and the group from Open Forge for hardware, promotion and support; the Robot Group for coming out in spades with equipment, cool gear, panels, and good cheer; and last, but not least, Tony Perrie for coming in and saving our web bacon (and getting the kickass panel on the Cell Processor for us).

We couldn’t have done this without all of ya’ll. I could not ask for better support or better friends.

I’m not going to be Conneticon, but if you want to help out the con monetarily, we still have shirts from this year and last year. Email for more info. New ones are $10, old ones $5.

Thanks. Just… thanks.


We’ll have more information up about Linucon 3 soon.

8:28 PM CST

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