Authors We Gave Up On


October 2, 2005

To quote from Linucon program book: "What does it take for an author you used to really like to honk you off so badly that you won't read him or her any more? Our panelists discuss cases." The panelists were Eric and Cathy Raymond, Lawrence Person [ ] and Jay Maynard, the guy in the Tron costume. (Actually he wore a different costume on that panel.)

The worst offender was voted Orson Scott Card. Other popular offenders were Frank Herbert (and the whole phenomenon of posthumous collaborations), Harry Turtledove, George R. R. Martin, Catherine Asaro. The details, as well as the answer to a question "how William Gibson's sense of humor is like the microwave background radiation of the universe?" can be found in my blog:

Left to right: Eric Raymond, Cathy Raymond, Lawrence Person, Jay Maynard AKA The Tron Guy in the discussion panel "Authors We Gave Up On".

Eric Raymond and Cathy Raymond in the discussion panel "Authors We Gave Up On".

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