GPL Violations: What Are We Doing?

Matthew Garrett

April 7, 2011

The Linux kernel is a high quality piece of software available for free to anyone who wants it. In return for the right to use Linux as they see fit, distributors are obliged to provide the source code to downstream recipients. The growth of Linux in the embedded market has resulted in thousands of Linux-running devices hitting shelves, but many of them fail to comply with the license terms. With even major household names failing to adhere, what can we do to ensure that source code remains available? This presentation is aimed at anyone planning to ship Linux-based products and unsure as to what their obligations may be, along with anyone interested in finding out more about how copyright holders are taking action.

Matthew Garrett (Red Hat)

Matthew Garrett is a kernel developer at Red Hat, focusing on power management from mobile devices through to servers. He's spoken at conferences on a range of topics from fruitflies to accessibility software and is currently working on documenting the growing trend of GPL violations on Linux-based devices.

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