The Return of

By Jennifer Cloer

October 6, 2011

What a long, strange month it's been.

While Luke Skywalker spent most of the "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi" [ ] movie trying to bring Darth Vader back from the Dark Side, the Return of hasn't been quite so dramatic. But it has not been without its moments, which is why we're so happy to be back online today and back to the work of providing a neutral, online forum where Linux users and developers can share information and collaborate on "all matters Linux."

There are some changes to the site that you will notice right away. Because too many of our community features were being abused with spam, we will be restoring with just the features that people were using and with a clear purpose for each.

Here are a few immediate changes to the site:

We will continue to publish original content, such as Linux tutorials [ ], Linux videos, individual Linux stories, industry-specific blogs, Linux comics, Linux slideshows and a full directory of Linux and open source software and hardware, among other resources. We will also continue to curate the most important Linux-related stories of the day here on home page, so that you can get informed perspectives on everything you need in one place. We also look forward to your contributed blogs, articles and videos that share what you're working on and learning.

Thank you for being a part of's past, present and future. Thank you, too, for your patience as we continue to tweak the site in the days and weeks ahead.

It would not be the resource it is without your help. As we move forward, may the force be with you.


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