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1997-09-05   VA Research Ships First Dual 300MHz Pentium II Linux Systems

1998-05-25   Penguin Computing needs people
1998-09-27   Google Stanford Hardware - See document  More
1998-11-12   Sequoia Capital invests in Linux start-up VA Research
1998-12-08   VA Research Linux Systems first to announce support for 2 GB of RAM under Linux

1999-01-30   Linuxcare Web development jobs
1999-02-02   VA Research Assembles World Class Executive Team
1999-02-22   Linuxcare Brings Linux to the World of Business
1999-02-26   Linuxcare To Provide Global Support Solution For Selected Dell Systems Running Linux
1999-03-01   VA Research Obtains Ownership Rights to Popular Domain Name  More
1999-03-17   VA Research Linux Systems Delivers Linux Solutions Based On Intel Pentium III Xeon
1999-03-18   Penguin Computing Announces Pentium III Xeon
1999-04-01   Penguin Computing to offer Linux-based AMD systems  More
1999-04-14   Support Linux with Linuxcare in San Francisco
1999-05-04   Linuxcare Names Experienced Technology Executive Fernand B. Sarrat CEO
1999-05-04   Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Leads First-Round Investment In Linuxcare
1999-05-13   Open Source Developer Andrew Tridgell Named Senior Researcher at Linuxcare
1999-05-19   Linuxcare Announces Linuxcare Labs, Industry's First Independent Certification Program
1999-05-26   Penguin Computing Announces 1U Rackmount for Linux
1999-06-21   VA Linux Systems Secures $25 Million In Equity Funding
1999-06-29   Linux Community Leaders Challenge Recent Benchmark Tests Supporting Microsoft - See document
1999-07-01   Penguin Computing Introduces Quad Xeon System with Intel 550 Processors
1999-07-27   VA Linux Systems Announces First One-Stop Package
1999-08-11   Linuxcare to Provide Technical Support and Training for Linux on IBM RS/6000 Systems
1999-08-31   Linuxcare and Sun Partner to Deliver Enterprise Services for StarOffice on Linux
1999-09-28   VA Linux Systems Launches Professional Services Group
1999-10-12   VA Linux Systems, O'Reilly & SGI Sponsor Debian GNU/Linux Retail Product
1999-10-26   TurboLinux and Linuxcare Partner on Enterprise Support
1999-11-04   Linuxcare Chosen By IBM Global Services To Help Provide Linux Technical Support
1999-11-08   Penguin Computing Unveils Low-Profile Rackmount Server
1999-11-09   VA Linux Systems Ships FullOn 2x2 Rackmount Server
1999-11-30   Jeremy Allison, Samba Developer, Joins VA Linux Professional Services
1999-12-09   VA Linux Systems, Inc. Announces Initial Public Offering
1999-12-14   Linuxcare Completes $32.5 Million Round of Funding

2000-01-04   VA Linux Systems Unveils SourceForge
2000-01-07   Linuxcare and VMware Combine Forces
2000-01-26   Linuxcare To Provide Support, Services And Courseware to Compaq Solution Partners
2000-02-02   Linuxcare Strengthens Its Global Support Infrastructure, Adds Four Data Centers
2000-02-21   Linuxcare Challenges Microsoft to Deliver its Windows Code to the Open-Source Community
2000-03-15   VA Linux Systems Broadens Server Product Line
2000-03-07   Linuxcare Taps Top Linux Talent for New Australian Regional Support Center
2000-04-07   Linuxcare Board Announces Departure of CEO, Delays Initial Public Offering
2000-04-11   VA Linux Systems Introduces Breakthrough Entry-level Linux PC
2000-05-17   VA Linux Systems Ships New Entry-Level 2U Rackmount Server
2000-06-05   Slackware Co-Founder Brett Person Joins Penguin Computing
2000-06-12   Linuxcare Optimizes Linux On IBM ThinkPad Laptops
2000-06-19   How to Evangelize Linux to the Secular Enterprise - See document
2000-06-28   VA Linux 1150 Server Combines Customizability and Affordability
2000-08-02   Linuxcare Completes Third Funding Round, Industry Leaders Invest US$30 Million
2002-08-02   Compaq and Linuxcare Boost Linux Installation On Alpha Servers
2000-08-15   Linuxcare Press Kit  [PDF]
2000-08-15   Sun Microsystems and Linuxcare Team to Deliver Linux Support for Sun Storedge T3 Array
2000-08-15   Va Linux Systems Unveils Open Source Development Network
2000-08-15   Penguin Computing Introduces Next-Generation 2U Rackmount Server
2000-08-29   VA Linux Systems Announces Powerful 4U Server for Databases
2000-09-25   Penguin Computing to Ship Systems with Red Hat Linux 7
2000-10-11   VA Linux Introduces Debian-Based 2U Servers

2001-01-16   Penguin Computing Appoints Martin Seyer as President and CEO
2001-02-01   VA Linux IPO in Review  [YouTube]
2001-02-21   Turbolinux to Acquire Linuxcare to Create New Enterprise Linux Power
2001-02-27   Penguin Computing Introduces 2U Rackmount Server
2001-04-17   Andrew Tridgell, Jeremy Allison and Others Bring Expertise to VA Linux NAS team
2001-04-25   Penguin Computing Introduces 1U Rackmount System
2001-05-01   Linuxcare, Turbolinux reverse merger plan
2001-05-15   VeriSign Selects Penguin Computing to Power DNS Hosting Services
2001-05-17   Penguin Computing and Red Hat Inc. Announce Strategic Partnership  More
2001-06-27   VA Linux to Exit Hardware Business at End of Fiscal Year
2001-08-18   VA Linux and Red Hat v Microsoft and Sun  [YouTube]
2001-08-20   Penguin Computing Introduces Relion Rackmount Servers
2001-08-27   Penguin Computing Announces 1U Dual AMD Server
2001-09-10   Jeremy Allison out of VA Linux
2001-10-01   Penguin Computing Announces New Workstation

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