1979-08-xx   Steve Jobs and Apple Computer  [YouTube]

1983-01-19   Apple Introduces Lisa  More
1983-02-xx   Behind-the-scenes look at the development of Apple’s Lisa
1983-10-24   Lisa Personal Computer  More  [YouTube]

1984-01-24   Apple Introduces Macintosh Personal Computer
1984-01-31   Apple Creates Division For Macintosh  More
1984-02-xx   The Apple Macintosh Computer  [PDF]
1984-02-xx   Apple announces Lisa 2  [PDF]
1984-02-18   Steve Wozniak  More  [YouTube videos]
1984-03-29   Macintosh  More  [YouTube]
1984-05-xx   Update on Apple Macintosh and Lisa 2  [PDF]
1984-09-10   Apple Introduces Macintosh Personal Computer with 512KB

1985-01-xx   Device for Macintosh uses removable 5-megabyte cartridges
1985-01-23   Apple Renames Lisa Computer as Macintosh XL 
1985-01-23   Apple Announces High-Resolution Laser Printer
1985-01-23   Apple Announces the AppleTalk Personal Network
1985-02-xx   Adobe Systems and the Postscript language - See document
1985-02-23   Macintosh  [YouTube]
1985-02-23   Larry Tesler interview  [YouTube]
1985-05-xx   Desktop publishing with the Mac - See document
1985-05-31   Apple Computer Plans To Streamline Operations  More  More 
1985-06-14   Apple Computer Begins Implementing A Reorganization Plan  More  More
1985-07-18   Apple Computer Posts a Loss  More  More
1985-09-17   Apple Announces Macintosh Products  More
1985-09-17   Steve Jobs Plans New Computer Firm  More  More  More  More  More
1985-09-20   Apple Computer Accepts Resignation of Steven Jobs  More
1985-09-23   Apple Sues Ex-Chief Over Computer Venture  More  More  More
1985-10-02   Apple Turns Macintosh After IBM PC AT
1985-10-08   Apple Gives its Macintosh a Hard Disk

1986-01-16   Apple Unveils Macintosh Plus  More  More  More  [PDF]
1986-01-16   Apple in Business, New Directions  [PDF]
1986-01-17   Steven Jobs Settles Suit Filed by Apple  More  More
1986-02-07   Steven Jobs's Stake in Pixar - See document
1986-07-29   Chief of Operations Appointed at Apple
1986-10-16   PageMaker for the Mac  [YouTube]

1987-03-02   Apple Unveils Macintosh SE and Macintosh II  More  PDFs:  More  More
1987-05-07   Apple Begins Shipments Of Macintosh II  PDFs:  More  More  More  More
1987-05-26   Macintosh SE  [YouTube]
1987-05-26   Macintosh II  [YouTube]

1988-01-15   Apple in pact with Digital
1988-05-20   Apple Owners' Computer Net
1988-06-20   Mac System 6.0 Stirs Upgrades  More
1988-09-19   Apple Announces Macintosh IIx with High Density Compatible Drive  More  [PDF]
1988-09-26   Color Enhancements To OS Will Open New Mac II Markets
1988-10-12   NeXT Introduces a Computer Aimed at Higher Education - See document  More  More
1988-10-12   IBM to License Software from NeXT, Adobe Systems, and Stepstone - See document
1988-11-22   Macintosh IIx  [YouTube]

1989-01-19   Apple Announces Macintosh SE/30, System Software 6.0.3  More  More  [PDF]
1989-03-07   Apple Announces Macintosh IIcx  More  [PDF]
1989-03-14   Aldus Announces PageMaker Color Extension - See document  More
1989-04-18   Mac IIcx and A/UX  [YouTube]
1989-09-18   NeXT computer ships with finished system software - See document
1989-09-20   Macintosh Portable and Macintosh IIci  More  PDFs:  More  More  More

1990-02-05   IBM to offer NextStep on AIX workstations - See document
1990-03-19   Apple introduces Macintosh IIfx  PDFs: More  More  More
1990-03-19   Apple Macintosh System Software 6.0.5
1990-03-29   Motorola Told to Stop Selling Chip - See document
1990-05-15   Apple Computer announces A/UX 2.0 availability  More  [PDF]
1990-06-25   Motorola And Hitachi In Accord - See document
1990-09-18   NeXT announces four new 68040 products - See document  More  More
1990-09-18   Next Computer - See video  More  [YouTube]
1990-09-18   Next Computer - See video  More  More  More  [YouTube]
1990-10-08   Motorola And Hitachi In Settlement - See document  More
1990-10-15   Macintosh Classic, Macintosh LC, Macintosh IIsi Target New Customers
1990-10-18   Macintosh Classic, Macintosh LC, Macintosh IIsi  [YouTube]

1991-xx-xx   Next Computer - See video   More  [YouTube]
1991-05-08   Connectix Announces MODE32 and MC73  More  More  [PDF]
1991-05-13   Apple Begins Shipping System 7  More
1991-06-24   Apple Gets Hardware. IBM Gets Software  More  More
1991-10-02   Apple, IBM Finalize Milestone Technology Alliance  More  More  More  More
1991-10-21   Macintosh Quadra and PowerBook lines, Macintosh Classic II  More
1991-10-21   Macintosh Quadra 900 and Macintosh Quadra 700  PDFs:  More  More
1991-10-21   Macintosh PowerBook 170, 140 and 100  PDFs:  More  More  More
1991-10-21   Macintosh Classic II  More  [PDF]
1991-11-11   Macintosh System 7  More  [YouTube]

1992-01-23   Apple announces A/UX 3.0  More  More  [PDF]
1992-02-18   Apple Ships Macintosh PC Exchange
1992-03-23   Apple Introduces Macintosh LC II
1992-05-17   Apple Unveils Macintosh Quadra 950
1992-09-08   NeXT Ships NeXTSTEP Release 3.0 - See document
1992-09-14   Apple Launches Macintosh Performa Line
1992-10-19   Apple Strengthens Portable and Mid-Range Macintosh Lines  More  More
1992-10-19   Apple Ships System 7.1

1993-02-09   Apple Introduces Macintosh Centris line
1993-02-09   Apple Delivers Macintosh Quadra 800
1993-02-09   Apple Introduces Macintosh LC III
1993-02-09   Apple Adds Color to Macintosh Classic Line
1993-02-09   Apple Introduces Color to its PowerBook Line
1993-02-09   Macintosh LC III and Color Classic  [YouTube]
1993-02-09   Macintosh Centris  [YouTube]
1993-02-09   Macintosh Quadra  [YouTube]
1993-03-22   Apple Announces Workgroup Servers  More  More  PDFs:  More  More  More
1993-05-25   NeXT Debuts as a Software Company - See document  More
1993-05-25   NeXT Adds Larry Ellison and Dan Case to Board of Directors - See document
1993-06-18   Spindler Appointed Apple CEO, Sculley Remains Chairman
1993-07-29   Apple Introduces Quadra 840AV and Centris 660AV
1993-10-04   Apple Unveils System 7 Pro
1993-10-15   Visionary Apple Chairman Moves On  More  More

1994-01-05   Apple Boosts Workgroup Server 95  More  [PDF]
1994-02-28   Apple Ships Macintosh Quadra with MS-DOS and Windows Compatibility
1994-03-14   Apple Debuts Power Macintosh Line
1994-04-25   Apple Unveils Line of PowerPC Processor-based Servers
1994-05-16   Apple Rolls Out PowerBooks with Control Strip  PDFs:  More  More  More
1994-07-11   Apple Unveils Operating System
1994-09-19   Macintosh System 7.5 Now Available

1995-03-15   Macintosh System 7.5 Update 1.0
1995-04-03   PowerPC Processor-based Workgroup Servers 
1995-04-10   Apple Unveils Internet Server Solution  More  More  [PDF]
1995-06-19   PCI-based Power Macintosh 9500, Mac OS release 7.5.2  More  More  [PDF]
1995-06-29   Apple Acquires E-Mail Software
1995-08-07   Apple's Power Macintosh 7200, 7500 and 8500  PDFs:  More  More  More

1996-02-02   Apple Computer Names Gilbert F. Amelio Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
1996-02-26   Apple Network Servers, IBM AIX 4.1.4  PDFs:  More  More
1996-02-26   Mac OS-Based Workgroup Servers
1996-02-26   Apple Introduces Second-Generation Internet Server
1996-03-11   Apple Announces System 7.5 Update 2.0  More  More  More  More
1996-04-22   Apple's New Power Macintosh Family
1996-04-22   Apple Unveils Hardware-Based PC Compatibility
1996-09-09   Apple Workgroup Servers, Network Servers  More  PDFs:  More  More
1996-12-20   Apple Computer Agrees to Acquire NeXT Software  More  More  More

1997-01-07   Apple Announces Mac OS 7.6
1997-02-07   Apple Computer Finalizes Acquisition of NeXT Software
1997-02-17   Apple's New Power Macintosh Computers
1997-02-17   Apple Introduces Notebook Computer
1997-04-04   Apple Introduces 300 Megahertz Desktop Computer
1997-07-09   Apple Board Announces the Resignation of Chairman and CEO Gil Amelio  More
1997-07-22   Apple Introduces Mac OS 8
1997-09-16   Apple Names Steve Jobs Interim CEO
1997-11-10   Apple Unveils Power Macintosh G3 Computers

1998-01-06   Apple Announces Mac OS 8.1
1998-03-17   Apple Launches 300MHz Publishing Machine
1998-03-31   Apple Introduces Power Macintosh G3 All-in-one for Education
1998-05-06   Apple Introduces PowerBook G3
1998-05-06   Apple Unveils iMac
1998-05-06   Apple Unveils Product Strategy
1998-08-13   iMac  More  [YouTube]
1998-10-14   Apple Introduces Mac OS 8.5  More

1999-01-05   Apple Announces iMacs in Five Colors
1999-01-05   Apple Launches Reinvented Power Macintosh G3 Line
1999-01-05   Power Mac G3  [YouTube]
1999-03-16   Mac OS X Server Now Shipping
1999-05-10   Apple Introduces Mac OS 8.6
1999-07-21   Apple Unveils iBook  More  More
1999-07-21   iBook  [YouTube]
1999-08-31   Apple Unveils Power Mac G4  More
1999-08-31   Power Mac G4  [YouTube]
1999-10-05   Apple Unveils Family of iMacs Featuring Desktop Video  More
1999-10-22   Apple's Mac OS 9 to Hit Store Shelves

2000-01-05   Jobs takes Apple CEO job full time
2000-02-16   Apple Unveils iBook, PowerBook, Power Mac G4 Lines  More  More  More
2000-07-19   Apple Unveils Desktop Line Including the Power Mac G4 Cube  More
2000-07-19   Apple Introduces G4 Cube
2000-07-19   Apple Introduces iMacs in New Colors
2000-07-19   Apple Debuts Power Mac G4s with Dual Processors
2000-09-13   Apple Releases Mac OS X Public Beta and Unveils iBook Line  More

2001-01-09   Apple Delivers Power Mac G4 with 733 MHz PowerPC G4 Processors
2001-01-09   Apple Unveils One Inch Thick Titanium PowerBook G4
2001-01-19   PowerBook G4  [YouTube]
2001-03-21   Mac OS X Hits Stores  More  More
2001-05-01   Apple Unveils All New iBook
2001-05-15   Apple to Open 25 Retail Stores in 2001  More
2001-05-21   Apple to Open 25 Retail Stores in 2001  [YouTube]
2001-05-21   Apple to Pre-Install Mac OS X Ahead of Schedule
2001-07-03   Apple Puts Power Mac G4 Cube on Ice
2001-07-18   Apple Debuts New Power Mac G4 Line
2001-07-18   New Power Mac G4 Line  [YouTube]

2002-01-07   Apple Unveils the New iMac
2002-01-07   Apple Makes Mac OS X the Default Operating System on All Macs
2002-01-28   Apple Unveils Dual 1-GHz Power Mac G4
2002-07-17   Apple Introduces “Jaguar,” the Next Release of Mac OS X  More
2002-09-10   Apple Announces Mac OS X-Only Booting For 2003

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