Apple Creates Division For Macintosh and Lisa Series of Computers

The Wall Street Journal

January 31, 1984

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- Apple Computer Inc. said it created a new division that will be responsible for both its Macintosh and Lisa series of computers.

The move is part of a corporate reorganization that reflects the computer concern's previously reported strategy of concentrating on three product lines.

The recently introduced Macintosh, together with Lisa, will be part of the new Apple 32 division, which will be responsible for 32-bit computers. A bit is a unit of information. Steve Jobs, Apple chairman, will head the division. He will take the additional title of executive vice president.

A second division, the Apple II division, will develop, engineer, market and make all current and future Apple II and Apple III products. The division will be headed by Delbert Yocam, who also will take the title of executive vice president. Mr. Yocam formerly was vice president and head of operations.

The third product group will be known as the Accessory Products division, and will include such products as printers, modems, data-communications products and keyboards. Michael Muller will head the division. His title will remain vice president and general manager.

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