Apple Computer Co-Founder Wozniak Will Leave Firm, Citing Disagreements

The Wall Street Journal

Cupertino, Calif. - February 7, 1985 - Steve Wozniak, the brilliant maverick co-founder of Apple Computer Inc., is leaving the company he helped start in a Silicon Valley garage eight years ago.

Mr. Wozniak said he will remain on Apple's payroll as an engineering consultant, but that he will be devoting most of his time to a new venture, developing home-video equipment.

He said his departure was prompted in part by bitter disagreements with Apple's management over the company's direction and by frustration with the rigidity of a big corporate bureaucracy.

Mr. Wozniak said the Apple II, which was responsible for the company's instant success, "has been ignored in the hope that it will die and go away..."

John Sculley, Apple's president and chief executive officer, would only say in prepared statement that the Apple II family of computers "are a mainstay of Apple's business and will continue to be a very high priority in years ahead."

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