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Device for Macintosh Uses Removable 5-Megabyte Cartridges

BYTE Magazine

January 1985

Iomega has introduced a 5-megabyte version of its Bernoulli Box for the Apple Macintosh. The Bernoulli Box uses removable cartridges that contain floppy-disk-like media with an average access time of 50 milliseconds.

Iomega also makes 10- and 20-megabyte versions of the Bernoulli Box for the IBM PC and compatibles; the Mac Bernoulli Box is not compatible with the IBM version. Mac Bernoulli Box cartridges can be exchanged with any other Macintosh, however, allowing transfer of large quantities of data on a single disk. The 5-megabyte cartridges are physically smaller than the 10- and 20-megabyte cartridges.

The Mac Bernoulli Box costs $1895; cartridges are $65 each. For further information, contact Iomega Corp., 4646 South 1500 W. Ogden, UT 84404. (801) 399-2171.

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