Modem Announcement

Cupertino, California - September 17, 1985 - Apple Computer, Inc. has expanded its line of communications products for Apple II and Macintosh personal computers with an intelligent, 300/1200-baud modem styled to plug directly into a wall outlet.

At a suggested retail price of $399, the Apple Personal Modem is among the lowest-priced 300/1200-baud modems on the market, yet it offers many of the features of more expensive models in a unique, compact case.  The new modem plugs directly into a wall outlet or power strip rather than sitting next to the computer, under the telephone or elsewhere on a cluttered desktop.

The Apple Personal Modem:

The Apple Personal Modem can be connected to any personal computer with a standard RS-232C serial port.  With the appropriate cable, it plugs directly into the back of any Macintosh (128K, 512K or XL), Lisa, Apple IIc or Apple III computer; or to a serial interface card installed in any Apple II, II Plus or IIe computer.

Apple's new modem is available now in the U.S. from authorized Apple dealers at a suggested retail price of $399. It comes packaged with a telephone connector cable, instruction manual, promotional offers from a variety of communications services, and a 90-day limited warranty from Apple.  Dealers also will carry the appropriate data cables for connecting the Apple Personal Modem to any Apple computer system.  The eight-foot cable has a suggested retail price of $29.95.

In addition, the new modem will operate in countries outside the U.S. that have adopted the Bell 212A asynchronous communications standard and have 110 VAC, 60 Hz electricity available.

The Apple Personal Modem replaces the Apple Modem 1200 in Apple's product line.  The Apple Modem 300, which operates at 300 bps, will continue to be available for a U.S. suggested retail price of $225.

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