Apple Begins Shipments Of Macintosh II Computer

Wall Street Journal

May 8, 1987

Cupertino, Calif. -- Apple Computer Inc. said it began shipping its Macintosh II personal computer for desktop publishing, and advanced business, educational and engineering applications.

Volume shipments won't begin until late summer, Apple said, with the first systems being shipped this week to authorized dealers, large corporate customers and universities.

Charles W. Berger, Apple's acting vice president, marketing, characterized interest in the new computer as "very high" since its March 2 introduction. Thus, orders may outstrip shipments in the short run. "We expect to be in a backlog situation until late summer, when volume shipments begin," he said.

The company has pinned hopes on the new computer for strengthening its position in higher-education and business markets, as well as extending the Macintosh family of machines to scientific-engineering and government markets.

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