Sculley Stresses "Raising the Standard"

San Francisco, California -- January 14, 1988 -- Apple Computer, Inc. demonstrated strong support of the Macworld Expo today, which will feature 350 exhibitors, and over 25,000 attendees.  The scope of the eighth, and perhaps largest, Macworld Expo will officially open tomorrow.  The conference and exhibits underscore the acceptance of the Macintosh(R) personal computer family in the business environment.

Product Introductions

At a press conference this morning, Apple will introduce the Laserwriter (R) II family of modular laser printers offering users an easy and cost-effective method of upgrading as their needs grow.  With features ranging from high-speed output to networking and expansion capabilities, the new printers span the range of activities from general office printing through sophisticated desktop publishing.  The Laserwriter IINTX, Laserwriter IINT and Laserwriter IISC replace the existing Laserwriter and Laserwriter Plus models.

In addition, the company will announce that AppleShare(TM) PC is now shipping.  AppleShare PC is a desktop communications product that bridges the gap between MS-DOS and the AppleShare File Server.  With AppleShare PC, information from the Macintosh and MS-DOS environments can now be transparently shared, allowing users to integrate MS-DOS documents into Macintosh applications, such as desktop publishing, productivity and business management. Through AppleShare PC, MS-DOS users can transparently access files from the AppleShare File Server as though they were on a local disk.

At a press and developer party to be held tonight, Apple will introduce their MIDI interface for the music market.  MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) is the music industry standard for communicating musical information electronically.  With a MIDI-equipped instrument such as a synthesizer, performance information is exchanged via the Apple MIDI Interface with the personal computer, which retains the information for editing or playback. Using appropriate software, tasks such as sequencing, composition and editing are performed faster and more easily.  The Apple MIDI Interface works with the Apple IIGS(R) and Macintosh(R) family of personal computers.

John Sculley's Keynote Address

In tomorrow's address at Macworld Expo, Apple chairman and chief executive officer, John Sculley will outline a long-range vision that places information technology at the forefront of a new Renaissance in education.  By demonstrating how Apple's product direction reinforces this trend, he will set the stage for a series of Apple product announcements that will be forthcoming within the next few months.  His address will discuss how third-party developers and Apple are together moving to raise the standard of personal computing.  "Apple is adopting industry standards for networking and communications products that the market is demanding," he said.  "However, we're continuing to differentiate ourselves and add value with our own technology."

Apple Exhibit

In Booth No. 1130 at Moscone Center, Apple will showcase its new products and feature a workgroup solutions area for business markets.  The Apple product area features the Macintosh Family--Macintosh Plus, Macintosh II and Macintosh SE;  AppleShare/AppleShare PC, HyperCard(TM) and MultiFinder(TM).  The workgroup solutions area provides examples of how Apple products can be integrated with third-party software and peripherals and with connectivity and communications technology into full workgroup solutions.  The area features solutions for:  small business, legal, government, engineering, technical, marketing and sales, and graphic arts professionals.  Each solutions area highlights application areas.  For example, the marketing and sales area features desktop presentations, the graphic arts area features sophisticated desktop publishing and the small business area focuses on three accounting applications.

In addition, the booth features information about Apple's various training and support programs.  The company is presenting a variety of Macworld seminars to familiarize attendees with connectivity, DTP applications, HyperCard, CD-ROM and networking.

The attendees are expected to include business people, educators, publishers, programmers, peripherals and accessory manufacturers, dealers, distributors, hardware and software engineers and other professionals.  The Macworld Expo will be open through January 17, and is sponsored by Mitch Hall Associates, Westwood, Massachusetts.

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