Microsoft Announces Three New Products

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May 31, 1988

TORONTO - Microsoft Canada Inc. today announced three new applications for Apple Macintosh systems: Microsoft Word version 4.0, Microsoft Excel version 1.5 and Microsoft File version 2.0.

Microsoft Word 4.0 gives users unprecedented power and flexibility to meet the full range of professional word processing needs and is designed with an unsurpassed degree of personal choice, ease of use and connectivity. Scheduled to be shipped in October 1988, Microsoft Word 4.0 is exceptionally fast and intuitive, and will run on any Macintosh with 512K memory. New features include Page View, a fully WYSIWYG editing environment; Tables for easy positioning of side-by-side paragraphs, numbers or graphics; automatic repagination; the ability to flow text around objects; full customizability of the user interface; colour support and automatic linking with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Mail. Every package of Microsoft 4.0 will include the Word Finder thesaurus and AutoMac(TM) macro program.

Microsoft Excel 1.5 provides users with a powerful, easy-to-use environment for generating custom applications. Its advanced features offers an ideal environment for addressing vertical environments and specific on-going business functions, such as inventory control. The new version also introduces multi-tasking, colour support of the Macintosh II, enhanced charting capabilities, and 44 new worksheet functions. Colour is available for the entire chart or for selected patterns, grids, text, arrows, legends and borders.

Microsoft File version 2.0, scheduled to ship in August 1988, is the fastest and most comprehensive database product in its price range, It is ideal for small-and medium-size businesses looking for the most productive way to manage information, from entering and accessing data to reorganizing and printing it. Users can track, sort, query and report quickly and easily on a wide range of information, including invoices, customers, accounting records, inventory, sales, personnel and more. Microsoft File's new Sampler disk of more than 120 pre-formatted forms, labels and reports helps users get up to speed right away.

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