Apple Modifies Macintosh OS

Computer System News

June 27, 1988

CUPERTINO, CALIF. - Apple Computer Inc. recently released version 6.0 of its Macintosh operating system software, a version that includes no major overhauls but adds several features.

Earlier this year, Apple chairman and president John Sculley said the Macintosh operating system would eventually go through a major overhaul and future versions would have Unix-like features. However, a company spokeswoman said the latest version is just an update of the current operating system and major revisions are "some years down the road."

Included in the latest version is a feature called MacroMaker, which lets users create keyboard-stroke equivalents of mouse or keyboard functions. Another new utility, called CloseView, lets users magnify the Macintosh screen by up to 16 times its normal size.

Version 6.0 will work on any Macintosh computer with 1 Mbyte of memory, which includes the Macintosh Plus, the Macintosh SE and the Macintosh II. It will be bundled with all Macintoshes and stand-alone copies can be purchased for $49.

Apple said it will give a free upgrade to buyers that purchased their Macintoshes after May 13. Apple will continue to provide the free upgrades until August 5.

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