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From: mjohn...@Apple.COM (Mark Johnson)
Newsgroups: comp.sys.mac,comp.sys.mac.programmer
Subject: 6.0.3 Change History (Official)
Message-ID: <25038@apple.Apple.COM>
Date: 31 Jan 89 02:30:47 GMT
Organization: Apple Computer Inc, Cupertino, CA
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The following is a copy of a document shipped to developers 
describing the changes to System Software 6.0.3.  You will notice
that only the System file, Responder, and AFE files are changed.

United States Macintosh System Software 6.0.3
Change History

Revision Dates:    December 23, 1988
    Copyright (c) Apple Computer, Inc. 1988.  All rights reserved.


This document summarizes the changes made to the United States 
Macintosh System Software 6.0.2, since it's release in release in September, 

The United States Macintosh System Software 6.0.3 release is primarily a 
maintenance release and a bug fix for the Apple File Exchange.  In addition it 
provides a hook to support 32 Bit Color QuickDraw, and fixes problems in the 
AppleTalk Manager and the Time Manager.

System File

    AppleTalk Manager
        The ATP bug which caused ATP to send out garbage packets on 68030 
        machines has been fixed.

        Known Bugs

    Color QuickDraw
        Installation code for 32 Bit Color QuickDraw has been added.  During 
        the boot process for the Macintosh II, and Macintosh IIx the
        installation code looks for a file containing 32 Bit Color QuickDraw.
        If any errors are encountered during this process, the boot process
        will continue normally and no alternate QuickDraw patches will be

        Known Bugs

    Disk Driver
        A bug in the MFM disk formatting code for the Macintosh IIx was fixed.  
        This bug caused some MFM formatted disks to be unreadable on IBM 
        PS/2 systems due to sector 1 not being found.

        Known Bugs

    Time Manager
        The Time Manager has been completely rewritten to fix numerous 

        Known Bugs

    Removed Fonts  
        The New York 18 and 24 point fonts have been removed from the 
        System File due to space constraints.

    No changes in the following
        Binary-Decimal Conversion Package, Color Manager, Color Picker 
        Package, Control  Manager, Deferred Task Manager, Desk Manager, 
        Device Manager, Dialog Manager, Disk Initialization Package, File 
        Manager, Floating-Point Arithmetic Package, Font Manager, 
        International Utilities  Package, List Manager, Memory Manager, Menu 
        Manager, Notification Manager, Operating System Event Manager, 
        Operating System Utilities, Package Manager, Palette Manager, Printing 
        Manager, QuickDraw, QuickerDraw, Resource Manager, Scrap 
        Manager, Script Manager, SCSI Manager, Serial Driver, Shutdown 
        Manager, Slot Manager, Sound Manager, Standard File Package, Start 
        Manager, System Error Handler, TextEdit, Toolbox Event Manager, 
        Toolbox Utilities, Transcendental Functions Package, Vertical Retrace 
        Manager, Window Manager


        Responder has also been modified to recognize all Macintosh

Apple File Exchange

o    When initializing disks for MS-DOS, all of the root directory is now 
     zeroed out.  This was done as a preventive measure, to clear up 
     possible problems with trashed directories.
o    When an HFS disk is erased, it is now first unmounted from the file 
     system, even if running under MultiFinder.
o    Sound on the AppleCD SC is no longer turned off when starting Apple 
     File Exchange.  This means that when a user is playing music from an 
     Audio CD with the AppleCD SC driver, starting Apple File Exchange 
     will not stop the music.
o    Also, Apple File Exchange now recognizes external file systems before 
     looking at data on disk.
o    Now Apple File Exchange unmounts a volume's root directory when 
     is can no longer be displayed.  This fixes a bug that caused Apple File 
     Exchange to display a blank window for an AppleShare volume after 
     the AppleShare connection died, instead of no recognizing that the 
     AppleShare volume is no longer present.
o    The Text Translator now transfers text characters at a much faster rate, 
     so that a 64K file will transfer, using the MacintoshPtoPMSDOS text 
     translator, from SCSI hard disk to SCSI hard disk in about 25 seconds, 
     instead of the previous several minutes.
o    Now able to add enough files to a subdirectory that the subdirectory can 
     be expanded.  This fixes a problem with the MS-DOS routines that 
     caused a subdirectory to appear trashed because additional blocks for 
     subdirectories were not being correctly allocated.
o    Saving setting several times no longer trashes the Menu bar.
o    Removing a directory will no longer corrupt the allocation block table.  
     This fixes a problem that occurred when deleting all members within a 
o    Apple File Exchange will now unmount a disk when it receives an 
     applicationPevent to eject a "non-ejectable" disk.
o    Apple File Exchange will now open "VISA" files that reside in the 
     system folder.
o    A bug that caused Apple File Exchange at startup has been fixed.
o    Foreign File Systems now supports the "FFLoad" instruction, which 
     asks Foreign File Systems to load any resources into memory before 
     ejecting the system disk.
o    Each call to Foreign File Systems is now checked to see if the volume in 
     question has been disconnected, indicated by either volGoneErr or 
     nsvErr being returned.  If this occurs, the screen for that volume is 
     blanked at the next opportunity.
o    Apple File Exchange now loads all resources necessary for initializing a 
     disk when the system or application disk is ejected.
o    When a VISA file with a foreign file system, 4NFS, in it and the 4NFS 
     will not initialize (ie. they return an error from the FFInit call), then 
     the VISA file will be closed.  This means that no other resources from 
     that file will be available.
o    If a disk-swap, for some reason, occurs during initialization Apple File 
     Exchange will now ask for the disk back.
o    Now when more than one foreign file system, 4NFS, exists and they 
     share a nickname, then Save and Restore Settings now works on all 
     menu combinations.
o    Will no longer open a driver that is already open.  Also will no longer 
     close a driver that was already open when Apple File Exchange was 
o    Now when unmounting a disk for the MS-DOS file system, the correct 
     check for a valid volume reference number is made.  The lack of this 
     was causing some disks not to be unmounted, which caused the 
     capacity of the Foreign File System to handle volumes and subsequent 
     mountings would then not work.
o    One more disk of Foreign File System capacity has been added.
o    When opening a local driver, now check the DCE to see if the driver is 
     honestly is open or not, instead of trusting the unit table entry being 
o    Now do not remove disks from the volume list just because they are 
     ejected.  This was causing disks to disappear from windows, as well as 
     causing subsequent erasures to go awry.  Also, when disks are 
     removed, for example, because of a disconnect, they are always 
o    Now, when initializing disks, check to make sure that several MS-DOS 
     disks have been previously ejected.
o    When remounting MS-DOS disks, now makes sure to update to the 
     drive that the disk has been reinserted into.  This keeps the "Disk 
     Switch Alert" from showing up when the disk is moved to a different 
o    The proper action now occurs when the "Rename Destination File" 
     item is chosen from the File menu.
o    The bug which caused MS-DOS root directories that were once full, but 
     now clear to not add new files has been fixed.

The only changes that have been made to the System Software is the
System file, Responder, and the Apple File Exchange.

        No changes made to the following; Map.

    Desk Accessories
       No changes made to the following; Alarm Clock, Calculator, Chooser, 
       Find File, Scrapbook, Finder, MultiFinder, Print Monitor.

    Printer Drivers
       No changes made to the following; LaserWriter Driver, LaserWriter 
       IISC Driver, ImageWriter, ImageWriter LQ.

       No changes made to the following; Disk First Aid, HD SC Setup, 
       Installer Scripts and Mini Installer Scripts, CloseView, MacroMaker.

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