Microsoft ships Gateways and Development Kits for Microsoft Mail

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March 26, 1990

REDMOND, Wash. -- Microsoft Corp. Monday announced the shipment of several products designed to enhance the enterprise-wide connectivity of Microsoft Mail version 2.0.

The Gateway for AppleLink as well as the HyperCard and Gateway Software Development Kits are available now from Microsoft. Third-party developers have also announced the availability of gateways providing links to other communication systems, including Touch Communications' X.400 Gateway and Solutions Inc.'s FAXGATE gateway.

``This will be an exciting year as we extend Mail's reach to link with numerous external mail systems,'' said John Morey, group product manager for electronic mail at Microsoft. ``The availability of these tools will enable our partners in technology to complete a great variety of gateways and application solutions for Microsoft Mail.''

Gateway for Applelink Provides Seamless Connection Between

Microsoft Mail Version 2.0 and AppleLink

For users of Microsoft Mail and AppleLink, a gateway connecting the two mail systems is now available. With the gateway installed, a Microsoft Mail user can send and receive messages on AppleLink without leaving the familiar and easy-to-use Microsoft Mail environment; users no longer need to log in to both systems to check for incoming messages. Sending messages to users on AppleLink is as easy as sending messages to users on Microsoft Mail, and a group name can include users on both systems. The gateway also provides uploading and downloading of mail for mwltiple users; there is no need for the system to make an individual call for each user. The gateway provides a direct mapping to each account between AppleLink and Microsoft Mail< so senders trying to reach Mail users do not have to include any additional address lines.

The AppleLink gateway is available now for $295 and can be ordered by calling Microsoft Customer Service at 800/426-9400.

X.400 Gateway and Microsoft Mail Version 2.0

Provide Open Mail System

The X.400 Gateway for Microsoft Mail is also now available. X.400 allows Mail users to exchange messages transparently with virtually any electronic mail system that supports the X.400 standard. This message exchange also includes LAN mail systems, host-based mail systems and public mail services.

The X.400 Gateway is available for $2000 and can be ordered by calling Touch Communications at 408/374-2500.

``We are pleased to be working with Microsoft Corporation in developing messaging solutions,'' said Bill Fello, president and CEO of Touch Communications. ``Together, Touch Communications and Microsoft will provide a complete and open mail system that meets the needs of Macintosh computer users worldwide.''

Microsoft Mail Version 2.0 Users Can Send and Receive Faxes With FAXGATE

FAXGATE, the gateway server which connects Microsoft Mail to the Solutions Incorporated BackFAX program, is now available. With FAXGATE, Microsoft Mail users can easily send and receive fax messages from their Macintosh. Only a single fax modem attached to a Mail server is required. Because neither BackFAX nor Microsoft Mail require a dedicated server, the Macintosh with the attached modem may be used as a workstation as faxes are sent and received in the background.

FAXGATE is available now for $395 and can be ordered by calling Solutions Inc. at 802/865-9220.

Gateway Software Development Kit Provides Tools for Enterprise Wide Connectivity

For third-party developers interested in developing gateways between Microsoft Mail and other messaging systems, Microsoft now offers a Gateway Software Development Kit. The kit provides a comprehensive set of tools for building gateways between Microsoft Mail 2.0 and other mail systems. A well-defined set of APIs (application programming interfaces) allows developers to tightly integrate the gateways with Microsoft Mail for a connectivity solution that offers the highest level of performance, transparency and reliability between two systems. Gateways currently being developed include those for: IBM PROFS, VMS Mail, DEC Message Router/Mailbus, MCI MailSM, UNIX SMTP, WANG Office and others.

The Gateway Software Developers Kit is available now for $445 and can be ordered by calling Microsoft Customer Service at 800/426-9400. Software Development Kit for Hypercard Provides Tools to Build


The Microsoft Mail version 2.0 Software Development Kit for HyperCard provides a set of HyperCard extensions that allow HyperCard stacks to send and receive messages across AppleTalk networks. As a result, HyperCard developers can build powerful applications that use Microsoft Mail to exchange information both between users and between applications.

The Microsoft Mail Software Development Kit for HyperCard includes sample stacks that demonstrate the potential of Mail and HyperCard integration. For example, one of the stacks extends Mail's capability so that it can automatically respond to incoming mail while a user is away from the desk or out of the office. Also included is a News Center, which provides an electronic information distribution function. Users can subscribe to information listed by topics and automatically have news delivered to their mailbox.

The Kit is available now for $50 and can be ordered by calling Microsoft Customer Service at 800/426-9400.

System Availability, Pricing and Requirements

Microsoft Mail's flexible server configuration allows an unlimited number of users to be connected to a server, so the system can grow as organizational needs expand. The server starter kit includes software and documentation for one Macintosh server and one Macintosh workstation, plus a network administrator's guide. Workstation clients include software and documentation for one workstation (Macintosh or PC). Also available are 20-unit workstation clients for the Macintosh. The suggested retail price for the server starter kit is $395; for a single Macintosh or PC workstation client, $125; and for 20 Macintosh workstation clients, $1495.

System requirements for Macintosh servers and clients are a Macintosh computer with 1 MB of RAM; System version 6.0.2 or higher; and an AppleTalk, EtherTalk or compatible local area network. In addition, the server requires a Macintosh-compatible SCSI or serial hard disk that boots the system file at startup. Microsoft Mail is compatible with MultiFinder.

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