Apple Computer announces A/UX 2.0 pricing, availability

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May 15, 1990

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- Apple Computer Inc. Tuesday announced that A/UX 2.0, the company's industry-standard compliant UNIX operating system, is available for ordering and will begin shipping in June.

A/UX 2.0 now provides customers who require UNIX with access to the familiar and intuitive Macintosh computer desktop and Macintosh productivity applications. In addition, A/UX 2.0 enables users to have a single system on their desktop to do all their daily work, including running UNIX, and X Window System applications alongside their Macintosh applications. Customers can also run Motif and MS-DOS applications using third-party products.

A full implementation of industry standard UNIX, A/UX 2.0 is based on AT&T's UNIX System V.2.2 with BSD 4.3 extensions. It is compliant with all the major UNIX standards, including AT&T's System V Interface Definition (SVID), IEEE's POSIX, and the FIPS requirement from the U.S. government.

A/UX 2.0 runs on the following Macintosh personal computers: Macintosh SE/30, Macintosh II (with PMMU), Macintosh IIx, Macintosh IIcx, Macintosh IIci and Macintosh IIfx. Apple recommends a minimum of 4MB of memory for all platforms.

A/UX 2.0 is available from all authorized U.S. A/UX resellers in several media configurations for the following suggested retail prices:

- Macintosh IIcx A/UX System: $7,169

- Macintosh IIci A/UX System: $8,769

- Macintosh IIfx A/UX System: $10,469

- A/UX 2.0 External 80MB Hard Disk: $2,395

- A/UX 2.0 CD-ROM: $795

- A/UX 2.0 Floppy Disk Product: $995

- A/UX 2.0 Tape Product: $995

The Macintosh IIcx, Macintosh IIci, and Macintosh IIfx A/UX Systems listed above include A/UX 2.0 pre-installed on an internal 80MB hard disk and 4MB of RAM.

Each of these products includes an end-user license, free 30-day Technical Answerline support, a set of user manuals and floppy disks containing additional utilities. An additional one-year subscription to the Technical Answerline ($1,175), the X Window System for A/UX 2.0 ($350), and manual kits for UNIX users, administrators and programmers are available separately.

A/UX 2.0 update products on CD-ROM ($275), tape ($395), or floppy diskettes ($550) can be purchased separately from authorized A/UX resellers. Current A/UX users cans also obtain A/UX 2.0 update products on CD-ROM, tape or floppy diskettes through the Apple Software Update Subscription Service. For more information on the Apple Software Update Subscription Service, contact an authorized Apple reseller. NOTE TO EDITORS: Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer Inc. UNIX is a registered trademark of AT&T. X Window System is a trademark of MIT.

CONTACT: Apple Computer Inc., Cupertino Cindy McCaffrey, 408/974-1578

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