Apple Announces Transfer of HyperCard to Claris

CUPERTINO, California -- September 20, 1990 -- Apple Computer, Inc. today announced that it has transferred  responsibility for development, marketing, distribution and support of its HyperCard  software product to its wholly-owned subsidiary Claris Corporation.  This move follows Apple's decision last June to keep Claris as an independent subsidiary.

Claris will label, distribute and support HyperCard  in the U.S. beginning in November 1990. The first broad U.S. distribution of the new HyperCard 2.0 --which contains more than 100 new features for greater flexibility and ease of use -- will be as a Claris product.

HyperCard and its current and future users will benefit from Claris customer support and more aggressive development and marketing. International markets will be evaluated and, where appropriate, implemented case-by-case.

A version of HyperCard 2.0, which will run existing HyperCard stacks and new HyperCard 2.0 stacks, will continue to be shipped with every Macintosh computer.

A complete HyperCard 2.0 authoring system, necessary for developing stacks, will be sold by Claris.

Claris will offer low-cost upgrades to the installed base of HyperCard customers in November.  All current distribution agreements with user groups and third-party developers will be honored.  Starting next year, distribution agreements will be made with Claris. Beginning with the transition, Claris will also offer customer support to all users who have purchased  the Claris-labeled HyperCard 2.0.

"The transfer of HyperCard will be a positive move for all parties," said Randy Battat, vice president of worldwide product marketing for  Apple Computer.  "Customers will benefit from the new  support available to them through Claris, and the active development of new HyperCard stacks;  developers will appreciate the aggressive Claris marketing programs resulting in expanded customer acceptance and ultimately many exciting new HyperCard solutions."

John Zeisler, Claris marketing vice president, said, "HyperCard is an important first step in Claris's new focus on turning software into a strategic advantage for Apple. We're excited about new ways to enrich Apple's software development environment and promote the creation of innovative Macintosh applications."

HyperCard 2.0, announced in June, 1990, will provide users with easy access to the power of Macintosh computer programming, and greater flexibility to manage and create information, using virtually any type of media. Among the easiest to use and learn programming tools for personal computers, HyperCard 2.0 is expected to appeal to beginners who can put it to work immediately, and to corporate and commercial developers, for whom it is a more powerful development environment than ever.  HyperCard 2.0 features an entirely new set of ready-to-use and example stacks for storing personal and business information, and creating graphics and charts.

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