Lower Cost Macintosh Personal Computers

Apple Computer

October 15, 1990

In a move to reach more people with Macintosh personal computers, Apple Computer Inc. today announced a suite of new low-cost Macintosh products. These new products effectively reduce the entry price to Macintosh computing by 50 percent. Additionally, the products integrate innovative sound input capabilities that let customers quickly and easily add sound to their documents while retaining all the powerful, easy-to-use features that customers demand.

The computers were designed to reach new customers in business, government, education and the home. The newest members of the Macintosh family are the Apple Macintosh Classic, the lowest cost Macintosh; the Apple Macintosh LC, the lowest cost color Macintosh; and the Apple Macintosh IIsi, the lowest cost Macintosh II. Each computer shares the flagship characteristics of Macintosh: unsurpassed ease-of-use, built-in networking with "plug-and-go" simplicity, compatibility with thousands of innovative applications, and a solid foundation for computing today and in the future.

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