Apple and IBM to Offer Customers a Broad Range of New Networking Efficiencies

San Francisco -- October 2, 1991 -- Customers will find it easier to connect Macintosh computers to their IBM networks because of an agreement between Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) and IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced today. The agreement covers both planned and existing products that will allow customers to integrate their Macintosh personal computers more effectively with IBM mainframe, midrange and departmental networks.

Macintosh computers acting as clients to IBM servers will be able to access a more comprehensive set of services on IBM-based networks than was available to them before. Such services for local and wide area networks include file and printer sharing, database access, terminal services, client/server applications, and network management. The agreement will also enhance IBM's role as a total systems provider for customers who require multivendor networking, where equipment from many different manufacturers must work together flexibly and seamlessly.

The new products for improved networking efficiencies will be developed separately by Apple and IBM, with the first available as early as December 1991. Under the terms of the agreement, products will be marketed and supported by the developing company.

Today's networking announcement highlights five areas:

"The agreement with Apple presents exciting new opportunities to further IBM's ongoing commitment to build open, flexible networks where data and information can be exchanged across many different computer platforms," said Ellen Hancock, IBM vice president and general manager of the Networking Systems line of business.  "Along with the enhanced networking capabilities of IBM's own PS/2 and OS/2 products, these efforts underscore IBM's commitment to promoting the growing role of the desktop in enterprise computing."

"We've made great strides in making Macintosh interconnect seamlessly into multivendor environments.  The agreement with IBM will strengthen our position in enterprise computing--and more importantly make things easier for customers of both companies,"  said Michael Spindler, Apple's president and chief operating officer.

Today's announcements complement an existing array of products that help support interoperability between Apple desktop computers and IBM networks.  Some of the functions these products address include workstation-to-mainframe hardware and software, local and wide area connectivity, application-to-application communication, and more specialized functions such as workstation data backup and archiving.

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